Sean McVay “surprised” Blake Bortles currently isn’t on a team

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With 2,560 current roster spots, the third overall pick in the 2014 draft currently doesn’t have one of them.

Quarterback Blake Bortles remains a free agent after his one-year contract with the Rams expired. His coach in 2019 is surprised by that result.

“I am surprised, just because he’s played a lot of good football in this league,” McVay told reporters on Friday. “You hope for the best. I have not had much dialogue with anybody else about him, but I am surprised that he is not on a team right now.”

The fact that McVay hasn’t talked to others about him suggests that other teams aren’t even doing due diligence on Bortles, who nearly led the Jaguars to the Super Bowl in 2017. The fact that McVay has opted for a trio of backups to Jared Goff who have no NFL experience (John Wolford, Bryce Perkins, Josh Love) isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement.

He has 17,659 career passing yards, 103 touchdowns, 75 interceptions, a completion percentage of 59.3, and a passer rating of 80.6.

The Jaguars moved on from Bortles after five seasons as the full-time starter. Some (like PFT Live co-host Chris Simms) routinely criticized Bortles for being, as Simms put it, “not put on earth to throw a football.”

That sounds harsh (because it is), but the point is that, as Simms sees it, someone early in Bortles’ career looked at the big, strong kid and said, “You should play quarterback.” Even when the Jaguars were thriving, Simms had Bortles at No. 70 among all quarterbacks.

Whether Simms’ assessment is accurate or not, the league at large seems to agree with it. It will be interesting to see whether that changes, especially once quarterbacks start getting injured during the regular season or otherwise not playing well.

19 responses to “Sean McVay “surprised” Blake Bortles currently isn’t on a team

  1. He has a higher career passer rating than John Elway. A hall of famer. Kinda wild.

  2. He’s better than Geno Smith, who served as a backup. For the vets minimum he’d be an acceptable backup, wouldn’t he?
    He’s got to be better than the backups the Jets had in 2019 with Trevor siemien, david fales, and Falk.

  3. Bortles is probably somewhere around the 20-25 best QB, and is an NFL starter, or a backup on a championship type team. He’s already proven he could lead a team to the super bowl, and that was a poorly coached team.

  4. The Jags paid him $27 mill for one year because they cut him 1 year into a 3 year contract so the guy will not go hungry.

    If we could all be so lucky to fail into making over $30 mill by age 28 and being forced to retire.

    Other than the one lucky year, the latest Coughlin era in Jacksonville set them back a decade.

    If the Jags had any guts they would’ve cut Fournette as well.

  5. “The fact that McVay has opted for a trio of backups to Jared Goff who have no NFL experience (John Wolford, Bryce Perkins, Josh Love) isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement.”

    Right, let’s IGNORE the Rams limited cap space as the only reason McVay has to go with Wolford/Perkins/Love…

  6. Bortles is terrible. I thought he was gonna be a good quarterback coming out of college, but it didn’t happen. Sometimes he threw the football great then have 3 games where he didn’t throw it good. But he made his money.

  7. Josh Allen is Bortles 2.0. Big, athletic, inaccurate, makes poor decisions and is looking at the same kind of career trajectory.

  8. Simms’ analysis is spot on. Bortles just isn’t a starting quality QB. At best he’s third string QB.

  9. Drafted highly. Began playing quickly. Peaked earlier on as part of a stronger supporting cast and then looked worse (and didn’t progress individually) as his supporting weakened. Exhibited bad passer habits to go with athleticism and plenty of positive flashes. Led his team deep in the playoffs when things were successful. Was signed to a second contract but was cut with plenty of that contract still to go. Not long after that, as been left with zero interest from the league, even though he seemingly would be an upgrade over some current backups.

    Sound familiar? Almost to a tee, the above description applies to Colin Kaepernick as well as Bortles. But, for some reason (that actually isn’t much of a mystery at all), Bortles gets at best a footnote posting here, while Kaepernick is assumed with full conviction to be a victim of collusion and has had the table pounded for him here countless times.

    It’s been said before and merits mention again: there are countless examples of careers that mirror Kaepernick’s, with a player rapidly falling out of interest in the league when to fans he would seem to still be worth rostering and his then moving on quietly. But even though his quiet NFL end is very much precedented, Kaepernick has something they didn’t have: a convenient excuse he could take advantage of. And, as always, he has been happy to take advantage of the excuse, whether truthful or not.

  10. So the QB Bortles, who beat out Kaepernick for the starting gig in SF, is also not currently signed and available…. yet the opinion remains that Kap is getting no interest because of non football related concerns.

  11. McVay may say that but if he truly believes that why isn’t he on McVay’s team? He was only making $1M last year. Maybe Bortles wanted more or maybe they realized he’s not worth a roster spot. I think he could be a backup but I look at him more like your donut spare tire to be used only in an emergency. Even Blaine Gabbert–another great Jags draft pick–has a roster spot in Tampa. Bortles was more interested in going to the clubs at the beach instead of working on his game. That doesn’t appear to have changed.

  12. Bortles had terrible mechanics. He got away with it in college but in the not in the NFL. No two of his consecutive passes had the same throwing motion. Worse now is his head is completely messed up after working with so many coaches on trying to “fix” his mechanics. That big windup of his made him susceptible to all kinds of wonkiness and it showed. Teams simply don’t have the time or cap space to try to salvage Bortles’ career.

  13. Bortles was told coming into the league he could not throw.

    After 17,659 career passing yards and 103 touchdowns he’s being told he can’t throw.

    Good time to be in the rich class and just hang back till they get a good handle on the covid19 virus threat.

  14. Bortles was not terrible he did make plays from time to time. But I think that in 2017 if the Jaguars had got Eli Manning and squeezed the last production out of him they mightve made that 2017 Super Bowl. AFC Championship Game was against the Pats.

  15. Disclaimer: All IMO, of course.

    I live in Orlando so I paid pretty close attention to Bortles’ career. In his senior year at UCF, they wound up #10 nationally! He helped put UCF on the map for the first time in that school’s history. Nobody can tell me that Bortles was not a big part of that. He was exceptional. Understandably Jacksonville took a chance on him but unfortunately for Bortles that franchise was in shambles his entire time there.

    Fans can talk without having a clue and talking heads on TV say what they think those stupid fans want to hear. Bortles went through 2 HC’s, three OC’s, never had the same O’Line, receivers or RB’s in consecutive years. He NEVER had a one TE to throw to. Twice in 5 seasons his receivers led the league in dropped passes including his final year when Fournette showed up for training camp terribly out of shape, their starting LT went down for the season in the first quarter of the first game and half their of the O’line was hurt by the middle of the season. The offense around him began dropping like flies and got worse as the season progressed. The defense wasn’t even playing very good. The team obviously lacked depth on their roster and basically collapsed. Bortles had no shot, inconsistent throwing motion or not. He was running for his life on every throw. Too bad Goff couldn’t have gotten hurt for a while. He might be better than Goff and McVay knows it.

    This is why so many fans can be considered as so stupid. Bortles would have been a better QB if he had landed on a more stable and smarter franchise. Now he’s being black-balled by the league like other QB’s in the past that inherited a bad situation. Bortles name has wrongly been dragged through the mud and the NFL likes to stay away from those poor QB’s because all these dumb fans can cry pretty darn loud.

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