Many Chiefs fans removed their masks while attending open practice

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In a sign of how difficult it will be to play football with fans in the stadiums this season, large numbers of Chiefs fans refused to comply with the team’s mask requirement at the open practice Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium.

Photos and videos posted on social media showed that many Chiefs fans took their masks off after entering the stadium and weren’t wearing masks in the stands.

The Chiefs’ rules state, “all guests are required to wear masks at Arrowhead Stadium at all times except when actively eating or drinking.” Many of the fans not wearing masks were not actively eating or drinking.

Wearing a mask is the simplest, easiest thing that everyone can do to help America get COVID-19 under control. The virus has killed more than 170,000 Americans, with no end in sight. People who don’t wear masks in public are putting everyone else in danger.

The Chiefs are planning to have about 17,000 fans at Arrowhead Stadium for their home opener. If that game becomes the source of a major COVID-19 outbreak, it would be a disaster for Kansas City, the Chiefs and the NFL. Fans need to do the right thing, put their masks on and keep their masks on.

24 responses to “Many Chiefs fans removed their masks while attending open practice

  1. There is no way this season lasts. People have had six months to figure this out. No more excuses and there is absolutely no hope for our selfish Country.

  2. Well of course they did. There will always be people who think of themselves before anyone else, or worse, think so much of themselves that they have to make some asinine political statement, even in the middle of a major crisis that their stupidity and selfishness is making worse.

  3. The Chiefs are planning to have about 17,000 fans at Arrowhead Stadium for their home opener. … Fans need to do the right thing, put their masks on and keep their masks on.

    The Chiefs need to do the right thing and not open the stadium to the public, with this evidence of significant non-compliance.

  4. People are so selfish that they’re gonna ruin football for us, too.

    Please, wear the stupid mask.

  5. I think the players should refuse to play due to irresponsible fans. Sometimes a parent has to send the child to bed with no supper.

  6. At least in my state, masks are required when you can’t social distance- not every minute of every day. Further, data and science shows that viral load is important and it is very low outdoors.

    Thus, if you wear a mask into the stadium, then sit 15 feet from anybody else, why would you need to still wear it while you sit there? Do people need to wear it when in there car with the windows down, walking, jogging, riding a bike, or at the beach 20′ from the next person?

    I believe in mask usage, but there is no science or data to suggest that a mask must be worn when no one is within 6 plus feet. (And people you already spend time with don’t count like a Dad with his kids.)

  7. Nice. They will contaminate themselves and the players. I see a disappointing season for the Chiefs.

  8. I’m a 36 year season ticket holder for the Chiefs and I’m not going within 30 miles of Arrowhead this season. People here don’t wear the mask in stores stone-cold-sober (presumably). Imagine what happens when they spend 4 hours tailgating before going into the game.

  9. Missouri is having a continuing increase in cases . They are a state that has no plan outside of continuing to ignore the reality of cases increasing because wearing masks is too much of a burden . Not surprised because as the Cardinals baseball team has proven people in Missouri just don’t get it . For a state that calls itself the Show me State what a complete embarrassment of failing to live up to the motto .

  10. People can quibble about whether it was necessary to wear a mask in the conditions at Arrowhead. BUT the Chiefs told everybody what the rules were and compliance was a condition of attendance. Anybody unwilling to mask up should not have accepted the invitation to watch the practice in the first place.

    Any team with live attendance is going to have to be prepared with a lot of security to quick-march people out of the stadium if they can’t comply with the team’s rules. Teams that decide to allow attendance with masking conditions can’t afford to police this only on entrance into the stadium.

  11. Try wearing a mask for three hours+ in 90 degree heat. As long as they are wearing masks to go to the restroom, get concessions, or when entering and leaving the stadium, there seems to be no harm in allowing them to take their masks off while watching the game. The seats are set up to socially distance everyone from each other.

  12. Remizak is correct. Whether people agree or not, think it’s necessary or not, those are the rules the Chiefs set up. Comply or don’t go if you dont agree.

    After all, it’s a private business that is allowed to set policies as long as they’re not breaking laws. Some restaurants require ties or shirt collars. Many stores require masks. If you don’t want to wear what’s required, don’t go.

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