David Montgomery slimmed down in hopes of boosting production

Getty Images

Bears running back David Montgomery had the second-most rushing yards of any rookie in the NFL last season, but he also averaged the second-fewest yards per carry of any back with more than 200 attempts.

Montgomery said in June that he will be better this time around and part of his plan to boost his production was centered on nutrition. Montgomery has slimmed down since the end of his rookie season by cutting out junk food and focusing on lean proteins that he hopes will get him moving faster on the field this time around.

“I was a lot slower than I know I was capable of moving at and it affected the game,” Montgomery said, via the team website. “I kind of let myself get in the way of myself as far as what I ate last year. I didn’t really care. I was a rookie. I was just eating whatever, but now it’s definitely a main focal point in my everyday life. It’s just being sure I put the right things in my body so it can carry over to the field.”

The Bears still have Tarik Cohen and they’re giving Codarrelle Patterson a look at running back as well, but a strong start for Montgomery should keep him in the forefront of the team’s backfield plans.