Dolphins announce 13,000-fan capacity for home opener

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The Dolphins will have fans in the stands at their home opener.

The team announced today that up to 13,000 fans will be allowed to attend when they host the Bills in Week Two. The team said local authorities have endorsed their plan. Florida has been among the least-restrictive states during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing sports to take place when other states wouldn’t.

Fans will be seated with social distancing in mind and required to wear a mask when not actively eating or drinking, the team said. Hard Rock Stadium will also have touchless entry and more entrances and exits to reduce crowding. Fans will still have to go through metal detectors, but the team said it will average one metal detector for every 104 fans, compared to one metal detector for every 394 fans in 2019.

Season ticket holders will have first priority in buying single-game tickets.

11 responses to “Dolphins announce 13,000-fan capacity for home opener

  1. Many will keep a cup in their hand and mask off if there is any type of enforcement.They defiantly won’t ban eating or drinking.

  2. 13 THOUSAND fans? In one place? In a complete departure from all other sports?

    I’m guessing they’re counting on the magic force field of NFL exceptionalism to keep this from being a season-ending disaster?

    The league could easily go the no-fans route and dramatically increase their chances of actually playing a season.

  3. In what is one of the hottest COVID spots in the country. This takes stupid to a whole new level.

  4. And each of the 13000 “fans” will be required to spend 13000.00 on food, drink, and shiny trinkets…

  5. Perhaps the Dophins should wait until Miami is not a Covid-19 hot-spot to have 13000 people get together.

  6. Seems pretty ambitious. Not because of COVID but because there are not that many people willing to pay to watch the team. Will be embarrassing when they don’t sell out.

  7. If there is one city that should NOT have fans at their homes games it’s Miami – the COVID hot spot of the U.S. And there’s no way those fans will stay masked up in that stifling heat and humidity.

  8. In other words, if the Dolphins get 13,000 in the stands, they’ll double their game average over the past 15 years.

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