Retests of 77 positives from NJ lab all come back negative

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Eleven NFL teams received news of positive COVID-19 tests this weekend, but those positives were not what they seemed to be.

All 77 samples that produced positive tests were from one BioReference laboratory in New Jersey while the other four labs used by the league had no positive tests. That led the NFL to investigate the results to see if they were false positives and that process included retests of those samples.

PFT has learned, via a league source, that all 77 restests came back with negative results. That should allow the players and team employees to return to their facilities.

The question of how to avoid such irregularities in testing in the future remains in the air, especially as they could impact teams on gameday. It is one the league will likely continue to look into and address further in order to avoid a repeat of a chaotic Sunday morning around the league.

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