Dallas Goedert “happy that the tight end position is seen as more valuable”

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The contract extensions signed by 49ers tight end George Kittle and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce got noticed in Philadelphia.

Zach Ertz has two years left on his current deal and the two new contracts have raised the bar on salaries at the position. Dallas Goedert will be able to sign an extension after the 2020 season and said on Monday that he’s “happy that the tight end position is seen as more valuable.”

Goedert said that happiness didn’t have him looking too far down the road as far as his own contract is concerned, but that he’d like to see Ertz benefit from the rising tide.

“Zach deserves a contract here, he’s been here, been a top-three tight end in the league. Personally, I believe he’s been the best in the league for the last bunch of years, so he definitely deserves whatever he’s about to get, and I’ve just got to let this year play out,” Goedert said, via Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “It’s not even time to worry about the future. The last two years, me and Zach have been here, we’ve both played good football, we’ve been in the playoffs. I think we can do whatever we want when that time comes, but for him, excited to see what he can do.”

Goedert may feel that Ertz deserves a deal in Philly, but the Eagles will have to decide if they can pay two tight ends or if only one of them is going to be a member of the team for the long run.

4 responses to “Dallas Goedert “happy that the tight end position is seen as more valuable”

  1. As an Eagles fan i hate to say it, but its time to move on from Ertz. My fellow eagles fans dont like it but they are wrong. Ertz is 30 and about to get a huge contract and here is the dirty little secret in Philly, Goddert is the better player right now. Hes a better blocker, hes bigger and faster, and he has better hands. Ertz is a smarter player and better route runner. The eagles need to call the jags and offer Ertz and Barnett for Ngakoue and lets go win us another superbowl.

  2. The Eagles can only afford to extend 1 TE and it should be Goedert because he is younger and should also be cheaper.

    In a perfect world they would extend Ertz and keep Goedert but i just don’t think it’s possible.

    They need to not repeat every mistake they made after the superbowl such as trying to keep the team together. It’s 2020, not 2017 and time marches on. Make the right decision for the team going forward, not to reward players for what they have done in the past (see Jeffery, Alshon).

  3. I don’t agree that the TE position is seen as more valuable. Kielce and Kittle are exceptions to the rule, not the norm. No other GM takes Hockenson at 8 but the Lions GM. I think Goefert gets a record looking TE deal. He’s not getting anything close to what Kittle and Kelce got.

  4. Ertz and Goedert are not Kittle and Kelce. Goedert would be lucky to get what Hooper just got on the open market. Ertz would be worth probably the same, given his age.

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