Julian Edelman casts himself as Batman alongside Cam Newton’s Superman

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The Patriots haven’t made any public announcements about their starting quarterback job, but things have been pointing in one direction of late and a social media post by wide receiver Julian Edelman won’t do anything to point away from Cam Newton getting that job.

Newton is known for mimicking a reveal of the Superman costume under his uniform after scoring touchdowns and Edelman posted a photo depicting the quarterback in a full Superman getup. Edelman is beside him in a Batman outfit and the mockup is accompanied by a caption that quotes the film The Dark Knight.

“The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming,” Edelman wrote.

Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer were in line to compete for the quarterback job before Newton signed with the Patriots, but Stidham has been hampered by a leg injury and reports from Patriots camp have shown Newton steadily taking on more work in the team’s training camp practices.

10 responses to “Julian Edelman casts himself as Batman alongside Cam Newton’s Superman

  1. Sorry Edelman, but when it comes to TDs, Superman will do what he can to make sure all the attention is drawn toward himself and not his playmakers. You’ll learn pretty quickly it’s all about Cam.

  2. Didn’t like fragile ego Cam when he was a Panther, like him even less as a Patriot even though he hasn’t played a down yet.

    Stidham blew it when he decided to take June off and go to Texas for a month for weddings. Belichick would have expected a player in his position to take over from Brady to work his rear end off and make the decision to go with him an easy one. Bill must have been pretty pissed over that and I don’t thinking signing Newton after that point is unrelated.

  3. That Super Bowl like 4 or 5 years ago and people are still making a big deal about s fumble with the game over that Cam didn’t do a stupid thing like try to recover. Please just get over it!

  4. If Cam is Physically Healthy and willing t buy in to what Bellichik is selling, the Patriots could be real good this year.

    A lot of ifs, I know, but Newton could do really well with that Staff if he can put the work in and be prepared. And for all of his foibles he works his rear end off. You cannot take that away from him.

  5. I hate Cam Newton. Having said that -if he is healthy-he is the best quarterback the Patriots roster. What is is.

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