Raiders wear jerseys of franchise greats in practice

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The Raiders are serious about preserving their traditions. Other than leaving Oakland, of course.

And in Monday’s practice, that meant it looked like they had a roster full of Hall-of-Famers and all-time greats.

Via the team’s official website, Raiders coach Jon Gruden had players wear jerseys of past franchise greats during practice Monday, with rookie wideout Henry Ruggs III wearing Cliff Branch’s number 21, and running back Josh Jacobs putting on the 34 of Bo Jackson.

“He got Bo Jackson — Bo knows — he was pretty pumped about that,” fullback Alec Ingold said after practice. “I think he snuck his jersey shirt out, I don’t think he gave that one back. I had Mark Van Eeghen, another legendary fullback from the 70s, really cool to get to exemplify what Raiders have been in the past and hopefully bring some of that legendary success into the future.”

Tight end Foster Moreau was wearing a Raymond Chester jersey Monday, and the history wasn’t lost on him.

“I got pretty lucky, coaches told us yesterday we were going to break out some old players,” Moreau said. “[Gruden] loves to bring back old players, loves to keep the Raider tradition going. Today I got Raymond Chester, which was pretty cool. We also had Darren [Waller] in a Todd Christensen and we had [Jason Witten] in the No. 87 ‘Ghost’ [Dave Casper]. It was pretty cool to don those guys jerseys, it was a nice change of pace for us, and we had a pretty good day out there.”

While honoring the past is a fun way to mix it up, creating some new memories would be nice, as they move into yet another new city.

9 responses to “Raiders wear jerseys of franchise greats in practice

  1. That’s one of the problems with the raider franchise, they live in the past too much

  2. Sad they have to go back so far to find “greats”.

    But after 1 winning season in 20 years, it makes sense.

  3. Why so much hate for a team trying to honor players of the past? Yes…the Raiders have had a rough go the past 20 years, but bringing people together and honoring them in a time that we are living is pretty cool. I’m all for opposing team banter…but how about we keep it to that and not so negative. That’s the problem with the world today.

  4. Great news! Let’s start the auction. Do I hear two 1st round picks for Derek Carr?

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