Russell Wilson still planning on playing into his mid-40s

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When Russell Wilson turned 29 in 2017, he told Mike Florio of PFT that he planned to play until he was in his mid-40s and two more seasons of football haven’t done anything to change his mind.

Wilson has continued to play at a high level and he’s remained healthy, which has left him with little reason to think about an earlier end date for his playing career. In an interview with Conor Orr of Sports Illustrated that featured Wilson breaking down some of his most impressive plays, Wilson again said that he’s taking the very long view about the length of his career.

“I just turned 31,” Wilson said. “I’m right at the beginning of my prime. I have so many more years left. At least 10-plus years left. I’m just getting started. That’s the fun part for me. My goal is to play another 15 years.”

The prospect of such a long career has become easier to contemplate thanks to players like Tom Brady and Drew Brees, although mobility has played a bigger role in Wilson’s success than it has for those two quarterbacks. That could alter Wilson’s chances of going down the same path, but there’s no reason for him to think about any short-term limit to his career at this point.

7 responses to “Russell Wilson still planning on playing into his mid-40s

  1. Who’s next in queue to proclaim they’ll play into their 40s?
    This may take a minute…

  2. He is a mobile quarterback but he never takes hits. He’s amazing at avoiding hits. He will take off when the defense allows it but he has perfected getting down and sliding. No reason he can’t play into his 40’s.

  3. His style of play actually translates to longevity. He is accurate and that usually doesn’t decline, like an strength does. I’m sure he will get some more rings before he hangs up his cleats.

  4. Not if he keeps gaining weight year after year. He initially said, years back, that he put on weight to be able to withstand the hits – which is understandable. But he keeps getting thicker and thicker and less and less elusive and mobile every year. The further you get into your 30’s the more that extra weight starts to wear your body down.

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