Stephen Jones: Not productive to talk about any move that might be in the works

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When Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy was asked about safety Earl Thomas at a Monday video conference, he said the team had discussed Thomas after his release by the Ravens and that they were “very comfortable” with their current roster.

That fit with word that the Cowboys hadn’t made any immediate move to bid for Thomas’ services, although executive vice president Stephen Jones suggested that the team wouldn’t want anyone to know if they had.

During an appearance on 105.3 The Fan on Monday, Jones said “it shouldn’t be a surprise” that people have linked his team to Thomas because they have “the least amount of resources committed” at safety. He also referenced the team’s pursuit of Everson Griffen as a way of showing that they don’t always want to signal their intentions.

“Just as we didn’t talk about Everson until it was done,” Jones said. “We found out that works much better for us. As I said, we’re in it 365 days a year and we’re always looking to get better. Obviously, it’s not very productive for us to talk about anything that might be in the works because it can always work against you.”

Thomas was released after a fight with teammate Chuck Clark and word of other issues inside the locker room. He also burned bridges on his way out of Seattle and Jones said the Cowboys evaluate everything about a player before they “ultimately decide do you want to go after that player.”

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  1. A good negotiator is working 24/7/365. The more interest you show in a guy, the higher his price tag goes.

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