Dan Snyder accuses Washington Post of “hit job”

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Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder is denying a Washington Post report that accuses Snyder of inappropriate conduct regarding the team’s cheerleaders.

“The Washington Post article reads like a ‘hit job’ relying on unnamed sources and allegations that are largely ten to twenty years old,” Snyder said in a statement. “We attempted to engage with the Washington Post to provide them with the facts, but those facts clearly didn’t align with their narrative.”

Snyder said one specific allegation in the Post report, that he approached former cheerleader Tiffany Bacon Scourby at a 2004 charity event and suggested that she join a friend of Snyder’s in a hotel room so that they “could get to know each other better,” is false.

“I want to unequivocally state that this never happened,” Snyder said. “Ms. Scourby did not report this alleged incident to anyone at the team in 2004, in her 8 years as a cheerleader, or at any time in the past 16 years.”

The fact that Scourby did not report the allegation, however, is not proof that it didn’t happen. She may simply have thought there was no one she could report it to, because no one in the organization is above Snyder.

Snyder also denied any knowledge of a video that allegedly circulated among team personnel containing revealing footage of cheerleaders at a photo shoot for a swimsuit calendar.

“I do not have any knowledge of the ten-year-old videos referenced in the story,” Snyder said. “I did not request their creation and I never saw them.”

Today’s Washington Post article is the second that reports rampant sexual harassment within the Washington Football Team. The first resulted in Snyder himself hand-picking a lawyer to investigate, but this article may leave the NFL no choice but to launch its own investigation.

27 responses to “Dan Snyder accuses Washington Post of “hit job”

  1. The only hit job has been by Snyder in destroying one of the NFL’s once-great franchises with his bungling management

  2. There are a lot of named sources in there too. The guy who handed over the video provided his name. The woman who said she was propositioned provided her name. The intern who said she was harassed into quitting provided her name …

  3. Thinking I have seen this deny deny attack the reporting then claim it doesn’t matter what happened because it was so long ago defense somewhere else in DC .

  4. The fact that he keeps pointing out that it was 10 years ago or more really sounds as if he thinks it shouldn’t matter if you didn’t catch him at the time, rather than actually arguing true innocence. It shouldn’t matter when it happened.

  5. Well Dan … if it’s a hit job then take them to court … oh wait Dan… TWP is owned by the world richest man Jeff Bezos who also owns Amazon and makes enough money every four days to buy your team. Yes. Good luck messing with that guy.

  6. Typical response of a liar when faced with facts. I’m surprised he didn’t call it a hoax.

  7. I believe Dan over the Washington Post in this day and age. And that says alot!

  8. Please remember this. Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post. And if the NFL decides to force Snyder into selling, Jeff Bezos will be among the interested parties looking to buy it. Has anyone noticed how the Washington Post has embraced the shutdown, while Amazon has made out like bandits?

  9. Snyder thinks we are dumb..

    The gal can’t report it, because he is the owner! What a dummy.

    Goodell will do absolutely nothing.

    If this was Kraft though? ESPN would have helicopters over Foxborough 24-7.

  10. No name to the franchise, no new stadium, no co owners that want to be around. and No ethical owner. Time to sell your toy Snyder

  11. The way the team has been managed over the years and these stories that have come out makes it all make sense: Poor Ownership, Poor Leadership, Poor Culture, Poor Play on the Field. Like many failure organizations, it all starts from the top.

  12. And, it is common for victims of this kind of harassment to carry the pain of it for decades without revealing it to anyone. This guy must have the most tonedeaf lawyers and pr goofs in the business.

  13. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact their owner has gone on record as saying he wants to own an NFL franchise. Nothing at all.

  14. Seems like it’s a hit job and all true.

    When will the NFL remove this cancer? Does the league even care about it’s moral obligation to American culture? Or is truly solely about $$$$$$$$$?

  15. There must be some truth to the article otherwise Snyder would have sued for libel by now.

  16. The hits are coming from the named accusers who reached out to the post to tell their story. Those are the hits. Snyder is just shooting the messenger

  17. The problem I have is the vested interest that Synder’s minority partners have in encouraging multiple stories like this and that Bezos has in promoting them. Yes, I believe they’re probably true but no, Synder should not be forced to sell over something 20 years after the fact. Dock him major draft picks and move on.

  18. garrisjs says:
    When will the NFL remove this cancer? Does the league even care about it’s moral obligation to American culture? Or is truly solely about $$$$$$$$$?
    The thing is, owners have to vote on it. While it may seem like an easy choice, they have to look in their own closets and make sure that something from decades ago doesn’t put them in a similar position.

    The Patriots, The Browns and the Colts owners have faced some serious accusations too.

  19. Again with this Besos crap? Do any of you have any idea how much wealthier Besos is than Snyder? He doesn’t need the WaPo to “railroad” him into selling. He could simply make him an offer impossible to refuse, and still have the funds to purchase all the rest of the teams in the league. Geesh. No conspiracy goes unsupported with this crowd.

  20. Aren’t the alleged sexual harassment allegations subject to current litigation? If so, Snyder would be wise to stay quiet.

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