Falcons fans defaulted on nearly $11 million in PSLs over last year

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The Falcons won’t have any fans in Mercedes-Benz Stadium through at least September because of COVID-19. But even when things return to normal, some of those seats could be empty by choice.

According to Tim Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Falcons fans defaulted on $10.9 million in personal seat license payments in the 12-month period which ended in June.

Most of those came in January or February, before the point when a pandemic began to change the entire landscape of the sports industry. The Falcons allowed PSL owners on installment plans the ability to defer their payments either this year or next.

Since 2016, fans have defaulted on $42.9 million worth of payments to the team, choosing to give up money already paid , since they were apparently unable to sell the PSL. The team is able to re-sell the tickets associated with the PSL at that point.

Of the fans who cited a reason for defaulting, 77 percent cited financial, health, or relocation. The fact the team has been rather uninspiring of late couldn’t have helped, and the fact that fans might not want to attend large gatherings in the future will be another complication in the coming months.

7 responses to “Falcons fans defaulted on nearly $11 million in PSLs over last year

  1. Maybe I’m too old-school or my texas raised ethics are no longer applicable, but doesn’t defaulting boil down to going back on your word? That’s not taken lightly where I come from.

  2. I never understood the PSLs, it is obviously a money grab… for the 8-9 years I had season tickets for the Lions, they never had them. It seems if I paid for my ticket to that seat I should be covered, or if I pay a PSL I should have the right to not pay for a ticket to any event in that stadium during the contract duration. Furthermore if they hold a concert I should get paid by the venue for them renting out my seat… the whole thing never made sense too me!

  3. First, their PSL charges were too high. Second, they issued PSLs without proper credit review of the applicants. Third, Atlanta area fans haven’t exactly flocked to pro sporting events for the last 30 years. Fourth, the Falcons’ on-field performance hasen’t for the most part given fans a reason to retain their season tickets and pay PSLs. I suspect we will see the same scenario play out in California where the fans are even more fair weather.

  4. I can still picture Arthur Blank dancing on the sidelines in the 3rd quarter of the SB.

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