Report: 15-minute home COVID-19 test arrives

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On a day that has seen bad news piled so high atop bad news that a deadly hurricane bearing down on the Gulf Coast can’t even get much attention, here’s some good news.

Via Michelle Fay Cortez of Bloomberg News, Abbott has received emergency FDA authorization for a $5 dollar home COVID-19 test that will produce results within 15 minutes. Abbott vows to produce 50 million of these tests per month, by October.

According to the Abbott press release, the test has been determined to have sensitivity of 97.1 percent and specificity of 98.5 percent in clinical study.

It’s unclear whether and to what extent the NFL will embrace this test; currently, the NFL uses both laboratory testing and point-of-care testing to clear players to practice and play. Regardless, the development moves the nation closer to a point where people who have the virus will know it, and where people who don’t have it will know it.

Even if more tests will inevitably result in more cases.

9 responses to “Report: 15-minute home COVID-19 test arrives

  1. Wonder when the general public will actually be able to access them… would be helpful for parents with children Who are of school age, or workers who need to go to work… especially with the upcoming season of colds

  2. All tests requires a probe of the throat and the main reason for false negatives are not probing sufficiently far down the throat. So providign a homekit, where people need to stick a cotton swap sufficiently far down their own throats seems like a guaranteed way to produce false negatives. But if you want to show a negative test then this should prob. help you…

  3. “Even if more tests will inevitably result in more cases.”
    Always looking on the bright side of things.

  4. This is nothing more than a placebo. The country will remain screwed up until there is a vaccine.

  5. bwdjr says:
    August 27, 2020 at 8:41 am
    I bought some stock.

    You could have bought some 5 years ago as well. Not to stop talking football, but Abbot has done well for a number of years now

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