Big Ten may start season Thanksgiving weekend

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The Big Ten season may start sooner than expected.

After previously indicating that football wouldn’t start until the spring of 2021, the Big Ten is now discussing the possibility of a season that begins Thanksgiving weekend, according to multiple reports.

The most commonly discussed schedule has the Big Ten starting the season in January, and possibly playing only indoors, rather than on campuses. Stadiums like the Detroit Lions’ Ford Field, Indianapolis Colts’ Lucas Oil Stadium and Minnesota Vikings’ U.S. Bank Stadium would be among the options in that scenario.

But Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez says his conference will consider starting before January.

It may be a little earlier, but around January,” Alvarez told ESPN. “We may try to start earlier. We’re talking to all of the TV people, trying to get all of the information and see what fits. We still have to go through our chancellors and presidents to OK it.”

The Big Ten has received criticism from some players and their parents, including some Nebraska players who are suing the conference. No schedule is going to please everyone, but starting around Thanksgiving may be the conference’s attempt to split the difference between those who wanted to start in September and those who wanted to wait until spring.

13 responses to “Big Ten may start season Thanksgiving weekend

  1. Nothing says commitment to academic integrity like starting your football season a week or two before finals. They should just own their decision and come back next season.

  2. PS wish Neb has some big ones and just bolted from the big ten to another conference. Would have done the big tem a huge favor. They’ve looked like crapola for years, every since they stopped being able to recruit the elite players. OSU and the SEC now get those guys.

  3. meheuring…. why not just correct their decision instead of stick with a bad decision? The data clearly does not favor canceling or postponing a season.

  4. Start Oct 1 or not at all if you want to be part of the playoff discussion. Why start at Thanksgiving when many NFL hopefuls will be choosing to get ready for the combine? This is a horrible decision if it happens. A spring season at that level is worse though!!

  5. If they’re concerned about the virus, play outdoors instead of in a dome where the air is recycled and germs are trapped inside.

  6. Alabama, Notre Dame, UNC Chapel Hill and South Carolina are having Covid-19 issues. South Carolina may shut down. NCAA football may be an afterthought.

  7. Not following how playing indoors would help anything. Playing on campus would put them in facilities directly under their own control that won’t be getting used by anybody else. In those NFL stadiums they’d have other teams using them and the cleaning protocol would be totally out of their hands. Would they be able to work around the NFL schedules? Would NFL teams even want to risk them using their facilities?

  8. Admittedly, what I know about the law especially bird law comes from TV…with that said, is there a chance that players from other schools in the conference jump on the Nebraska lawsuit to make it a class action suit?

  9. It was a premature and foolish decision to cancel the season. I’m glad they are going to play.

  10. Play in domes… good idea, I mean it’s not like players go to class anyway. NCAA just needs to admit that college football has nothing to do with academics anymore, pay the players and if they want to go to class they can pay just like actual students

  11. What will be different in November? Until we have a vaccine, the risk is the same as now. Play football!

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