Michael Irvin calls COVID-19 battle “three weeks of hell”

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Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin revealed on the Rich Eisen Show on Friday that he contracted COVID-19 in late June.

He calls it the worst thing he has ever dealt with.

“I didn’t know I had it, and then I got real sick,” Irvin said. “I mean, a pounding headache for like four or five days. You couldn’t eat. You can’t sleep. You’ve just got to endure the pain. I took two tests. They all came back negative. So I’m thinking, ‘OK, I’m good. I don’t have it. I don’t have it.’ But I’m feeling the pain, and then after I went through about three weeks of hell — about three weeks of hell — I said, ‘OK, I’m going to go and take the antibody test,’ because it had to be something. It had to be COVID. There’s no way I went through that kind of pain, that kind of hell, and nobody knows what it is. Then, I’m scared it may come back. So I took the antibody test, and of course the antibody test, which I think is more accurate, came back that I had the antibodies. My doctor said I should be pretty good now.”

Irvin’s career ended with a cervical spinal cord injury that left him temporarily paralyzed. He also injured his collarbone and tore an ACL during his 12-year career.

Irvin played 159 of a possible 192 career games for the Cowboys.

Yet, he ranks the COVID-19 headache above them all on a pain-tolerance level.

“I pray for anybody who has it,” Irvin said. “The headache, I said to myself, I’m not lying, I wanted out of here. I was like, ‘Man, there’s no way I can even endure this.’ The only thing I kept saying is, ‘You’ve only got two weeks of it. Two weeks. Two weeks.’ I pray for all the people that have those migraines, because it’s severe like a migraine, and they have it all the time. That would be the hardest thing in the world to live with, because I just went through it. It was the hardest thing in the world I’ve ever dealt with.”

13 responses to “Michael Irvin calls COVID-19 battle “three weeks of hell”

  1. I can’t relate to Covid or his experience at all, but I can confirm one thing:

    Migraines suck. They really, really suck.

  2. I wonder if it is anything like the headache he gives me as he attempts to use BIG words pontificating on a football game…

  3. I watched the Eagles game live in 98 when he landed on his neck and no one thought he would walk again. The man’s been through some injuries so for him to say it was the worst thing he’s dealt with is saying something

  4. I always wonder when celebrities in whatever entertainment field, have their me too moment, is it because the spotlight has been off of them for a few weeks and need some attention or if they legit have no one else to look over at and say, yeah, that happened to me as well. Just gotta call up a reporter and let them know what happened right?

  5. As veterans across the country deal with far far worse day in and out years on end, no joke. Why does this country not give them the spotlight or time of day?! Oh yea, they don’t want it..

  6. I believe Irvin, feel awful for him that he went through it, but I think media should be responsible to remind people that it is a very rare case that it is that bad (unless you are older/have existing health concerns). Let’s stop putting unnecessary fear into people about this.

  7. Whatever he had, that sucks. I’m a huge Canes fan and love Irvin. But antibody tests are way less accurate than he thinks. So who knows what he had.

  8. I can feel for Michael Irving for his battle with Covid 19. But there is a lesson in his tale. You should NEVER wait 3 weeks with covid symptoms BEFORE you get your test. How many people did he come in contact BEFORE he bothered to take the test and be isolated.

    Covid doesn’t affect different people in the same way. So if you feel sick, GET a test. Its as simple as that. Some people who are asymptomatic never feel sick, but they infect many people because they just didn’t know they had it. That is why EVERYONE should be tested ib a regular basis (say monthly.

    Until there is an EFFECTIVE vaccine (not just any vaccine) this isn’t just going away. People WILL die, and many more will be left with long term conditions they will have to deal with.

    It would be fine if I could say ignore this at your own peril, but its not just YOUR peril we are talking about, its everyone around you. So if you AREM’T a selfish prick who doesn’t give a damned about anyone else but yourself, wear a DAMNED mask when you are out in public

  9. Not to diminish what he went through, but he’s a lucky guy if that “was the hardest thing in the world” he’s ever had to deal with.

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