Nick Williams: Lions are here to change NFC North pecking order


Defensive tackle Nick Williams is in his first season with the Lions, but he spent the last two seasons with the Bears so he has a good working knowledge of how the NFC North stacks up.

He’d like to shake that up this season. Williams said that he and his teammates “know it’s a pecking order in the NFC North and we’re here to change that this year.”

“We’re just ready to get out there and prove to the NFC North, to the black-and-blue division, that we can play good football,” Williams said, via Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press. “And we can. We’ve got the pieces, we’ve got a defense to be able to do that. We believe in ourselves, we believe in each other. And the more we’re on the field with each other, the more confidence we’ll have in each other and we’ll get the job done.”

Williams can go a long way toward creating the change he wants to see in the division. The Lions defensive line fell short in both phases of the game last year and signed Williams and Danny Shelton in hopes of turning the tide.

13 responses to “Nick Williams: Lions are here to change NFC North pecking order

  1. They said that with Stafford, Calvin Johnson and Suh in their prime and failed consecutively, three times in the playoffs!

    One playoff win in 63 years, you have a long way to go before you can change anything. Try to not finish with a 3-13 record first, lol.

  2. Are they planning to try to move up to 3rd instead of 4th? That would be changing the order….

  3. Oh snap the pecking order is changing! So Lions 3rd, Bears 4th this year? Shakin’ things up!

  4. The only way the Lions are going to change the pecking order is if they turn the newspaper upside down before they look at the standings.

  5. This Lions team could make some noise, at the very least they should be fun to watch. They were awesome to watch last year before Stafford went out.

  6. The Lions success is dependent on a QB with a broken back that has been there since 2009. Stafford has three playoff berth failures and a defense that is a skeleton due to key players demanding a trade to get off the Lions because of Patricia and Quinn’s circus.

    Good luck with the that…

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