Texans had “good discussions” before deciding to hold scrimmage Thursday

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NFL teams had different approaches to how they handled practice on Thursday with many of them choosing to scrap their scheduled sessions in order to have discussions about the Jacob Blake shooting, racial inequality and other subjects of the day.

The Texans had those conversations and they also went forward with a scrimmage on Thursday night. Head coach Bill O’Brien said he spoke with players about canceling, but that the ultimate decision was that they could address both the football and non-football matters without paying either short shrift.

“We spoke with players and we just felt that, relative to everything that’s going on, we had some good discussions today. These are ongoing discussions. As a team, we decided that we want to go out there and scrimmage, get something done. We play two weeks from now, so we felt like that was important. We also felt like it was important to give the guys time to talk about things. . . . I think we have a team that’s mature when it comes to those things and knows when to really focus on football, which they did tonight. I thought we got a lot of things done in the scrimmage and as you guys saw, probably that were in the stands, they are talking and they are thinking about things that they can do to really put some things into action.”

O’Brien said that players have had many ideas about how to take further action and said he’d leave it to them to share those thoughts. The Texans are back to practice Saturday with less than two weeks to go before they open the season against the Chiefs.

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