Adam Gase, Le’Veon Bell bury hatchet after hamstring brouhaha

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Jets coach Adam Gase and running back Le'Veon Bell are back on the same page. Or at least they’re back in the same book.

Gase removed Bell from a recent scrimmage, explaining that Bell had hamstring tightness. Bell took to Twitter to say there’s nothing wrong with his hamstrings. For now, there’s nothing seriously wrong with the relationship between coach and players.

Via Rich Cimini of, Gase told reporters that he and Bell spoke for a “long time.” Gase said, “I was caught off guard a little bit but we had a good talk. I told him I felt like our relationship was way better than him going on social media.”

The situation between Bell and Gase has been at times awkward, dating back to reports that Gase didn’t want the team to sign Bell. (More accurately, Gase didn’t think that the offense was good enough to justify a major investment in a running back, which should be the icing on the cake, not one of the first ingredients.) Last year, the Jets talked with several teams about trading Bell, who declined to redo his contract to facilitate another change of scenery.

As Bell enters the second and final season of guaranteed salary under his five-year deal, it definitely makes sense to monitor his relationship with the franchise and with the head coach. If the offense hasn’t developed to the point where Bell can get back to what he was in Pittsburgh — and if Bell simply isn’t in the kind of overall physical condition to do it — 2020 could end up being his last year with the team.

8 responses to “Adam Gase, Le’Veon Bell bury hatchet after hamstring brouhaha

  1. Buried the hatchet? Did they smokum the peace pipe afterwords? Interesting that the same writer who lobbied so voraciously for the Washington name change would use such an expression, appropriation be damned

  2. Gase is an awkward coach, and it shows up in the players performance on the field.

  3. Jets head coach said the team’s rash of receiver injuries hasn’t affect QB Sam Darnold, and in fact has been “good for his brain.”

    I think my point is made. Most coaches are preparing for week 1 and winning games. Injuries are NEVER good. If Sam Darnold and the team don’t make significant progress with Darnold, Gase’s seat will be burning.

  4. WHEN will we learn that Le’Veon had a major injury in 2018 that he hid from NFL eyes?

  5. If it involves the Jets, people will come out of the woodwork to try and make something out of nothing.

    Joe Douglas has gone a long way towards eliminating the Jets losing culture and ineptness. He’s putting together a real team, but needs two more drafts. Gase will likely be gone by them.

    The most important part after that is keeping Woody Johnson away after Trump loses and Woody has to leave the UK. They will deport him on January 20th.

    With Buffalo, Miami and the Jets moving up and the Patriots moving down, the AFC East could be the most competitive division in the game of there is a season this year.

  6. For the record, I liked Todd Bowles.

    I thought he got a lot out of a team with very little talent.

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