Ryan Fitzpatrick will take time away from Dolphins after passing of his mother


Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t opting out or retiring. The veteran is in mourning, following the passing of his mother.

Coach Brian Flores shared the news with reporters on Saturday, following Fitzpatrick’s exit from the practice field before the sessions began.

I went through this a year ago,” Flores said, regarding the passing of his own mother, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald. “I just try to support him . . . essentially that was my message to him.”

Fitzpatrick will be absent from the team; said Flores, “He can take as much time as he needs.”

We extend our condolences to Ryan Fitzpatrick and his family at this difficult time.

15 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick will take time away from Dolphins after passing of his mother

  1. Strength to you brother, that’s rough at that age with 7 kids being her grandchildren. Sorry from up North.

  2. Doesn’t matter what age you are, losing one of your parents is never easy. Condolences to him and his family.

  3. There are few things in life more painful than losing your mother. Your grief is personal, yet universal. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Ryan.

  4. Fitz is a class act and a stud. Harvard graduate and long time NFL QB. So sorry for your loss, thoughts and prayers. He should take as much time away as he needs!

  5. I lost my mom 26 years ago after her long bout with cancer. It sucked. The only words of comfort I can offer, and they ring hollow now, is that with the passage of time the pain of loss lessens to be mostly replaced with the fondness of memories. I pray that he and his family come to find that peace and solace soon. My thoughts are with Fitz and his family during this time.

  6. Why are there pinheads on here giving a “thumbs down” on genuine messages of condolence?

  7. Flores and Fitz total class acts. I truly believe that Fitz only came back to play with Miami because of Flores

  8. Our Mom’s are “always” to be Honored and Recognized… Beyond all of the social chaos taking place these days, can we all agree on this one Sacred topic?

  9. Visited my mom this morning. So grateful for all she has given me. I’m sure fitz’s mother must have been very proud of her son.

  10. The level headed fans offer you our condolences Ryan.
    Peace to you and your loved ones during these times of mourning.

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