Carson Wentz is day-to-day with a lower body injury

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Last year, Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz stayed healthy throughout the regular season, even as many of the players around him missed time with injury.

This year, with two weeks until the regular-season opener, Wentz has a new injury.

The Eagles have announced that Wentz is day-to-day with a lower body injury. No further specificity is required (actually, even what the team announced is more than the rules mandate in the preseason, since the rules compel the release of no injury information) until the first official injury report, which the Eagles will issue in 10 days.

Wentz suffered a torn ACL in December 2017, and he then missed the end of the 2018 season with a back injury. In 2019, he started all 16 regular-season games; a concussion on an illegal hit by then-Seahawks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney (inexplicably, the helmet-first move by Clowney was neither flagged nor fined) knocked Wentz out of the wild-card game the Eagles hosted after winning the NFC East.

Wentz’s injury is the latest for a team that has had plenty of injury problems in recent years. If they don’t have Wentz, that will be a major problem.

34 responses to “Carson Wentz is day-to-day with a lower body injury

  1. All of the starters are taking a day off here or there to stay healthy. A day or two of RICE will help small nagging injuries heal up quickly. Our QB and others will be ready to play.

  2. Lane Johnson owns Patriots fans who can’t get over losing the SB. Every time one of you mentions “fun”, we know Lane damaged your little ego so badly and you are still reeling over it. It is actually “fun” to watch it.

    Keep it up.

  3. Philly sure has a lot of injuries. I’m wondering if there isn’t a problem somewhere with the training and medical staff?

  4. kmancowboys says:
    August 30, 2020 at 1:31 pm
    Seems he’s always hurt, without him, Eagles crash and burn.

    Well, the Eagles won a Super Bowl without Wentz, and I believe they have yet to win a playoff game with Wentz at QB. So maybe next man up would be a good sign for the Eagles chances.

  5. sconnieeaglesfan says:
    Lane Johnson owns Patriots fans who can’t get over losing the SB. Every time one of you mentions “fun”, we know Lane damaged your little ego so badly and you are still reeling over it. It is actually “fun” to watch it.
    I think Pats fans are more upset about that backup QB that carried the Eagles to their first ever Superbowl, and almost did it again if Jefferies didnt drop the ball.

    Its too bad the Eagles paid Wentz and let that other QB go.

  6. Didn’t their WR draft pick just go down with a shoulder injury? Tough camp for the Eagles.

  7. Everyone was laughing at them for taking hurts in the second. Who laughing now lol.

  8. If he is sore now, wait two weeks after Chase Young and Montez Sweat get their mitts on him. Things are going to get ugly fast for Carson. Feel sorry for him.

  9. That sucks hopefully it isn’t serious. Eagles are taking a beating yet again with injuries. As a Cowboys fan hope to see him ready to go come week 1.

  10. It looks like Jalen Hurts will be the starter sooner than I expected. Hurts is more durable, a better athlete, stronger than Wentz.

  11. Sounds like a contusion/bruise or just inflammation. It is nothing to even remotely be concerned about. He was healthy all last year except for the illegal hit, as the article notes. He showed up to camp looking even stronger than last year. I’ll get concerned when he has another major injury

  12. The NFL’s dumbest player continues to pay dividends. Glad to hear his fragile nature is not just a one or two year thing. Time for the Philthy team to see if they can get the Washington Numbskins to execute a trade for competent players in return for an injured QB.

  13. It’s crazy how some guys can go a whole career without injury while others can’t. I’m not so sure the Feables made a good choice with Wentz over Foles.

  14. I’ll take a decent QB who can stay on the field all season over a great one who is constantly injured any day of the week. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wentz ends up on the Andrew Luck career path.

  15. Priorities…
    If you’re an Eagles fan you’re probably concerned.
    But, Wentz was #7 last year in fantasy, just after Mahomes and just before Rodgers.
    And, now he’s available at a discount.

  16. can everyone stop with the “at least theyre having fun” crap? Jesus get new material thats going on 3 years ago but theres always some jackhole …. that probably still yells dilly dilly or wasuuuuup….in the comments that still brings up like there is someone who has lived underground thatll think it is original. if it was a stupid comment or not just remember there was a reason sooo many folks turned into eagles fans leading up to sb52

  17. When Carson goes down, hope Hurts doesn’t get Hurt….cuz that would lay a lot a Hurt on the Eagles!

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