Cowboys wearing unmarked jerseys in televised practice

Dallas Cowboys

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said recently that, because of a lack of preseason games, he’s being extra secretive during training camp. And Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst explained limits placed on beat reporters by saying “our pro scouts have always followed the local beat reporters in all the teams.”

It stands to reason, then, that other teams — for sure the ones scheduled to play the Cowboys this season — will watch tonight’s locally televised practice from AT&T Stadium.

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy has made it harder for other teams to follow along and determine who’s who and what’s what.

The Cowboys are practicing without names and numbers on their jerseys. The offense is wearing all white and the defense all blue.

McCarthy has returned to AT&T Stadium a few times since Feb. 6, 2011, when his Packers beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl. He even drove the 37-mile route from the team’s headquarters at The Star in Frisco to the stadium in Arlington to see how long it would take.

But Sunday marks his first day of work with his new team in his new home stadium.

“AT&T Stadium will always be special obviously because of the success from the past, but I’m really looking forward to having great success there moving into the future,” McCarthy said.

UPDATE 7:40 P.M. ET: The local station broadcasting the practice is showing no live plays. Cowboys fans watching at home are complaining on social media of seeing only players on the sideline.

9 responses to “Cowboys wearing unmarked jerseys in televised practice

  1. Good thinking, I’m sure the Rams will be shocked when Prescott, Elliott, Cooper and Lamb are your starters in week 1…

    Coaches are really overthinking things here, any advantage you gain will be for a short time in week 1, after that your opponent will make adjustments and all future opponents will have film to use. And I would question whether you’d be showing any really creative formations or plays in a televised practice to begin with?

  2. If you are showing it to the fans then just let them run a basic 2 minute drill without revealing any game planning. Letting the fans see dudes on the sidelines only is kind of pathetic.

  3. Cowboy fans, those who haven’t fallen off the bandwagon in the last several years, will be yearning for the Dave Campo Era after watching Mike McCarthy’s outdated offence.

  4. if your watching this garbage, they are not showing any football…just talking heads and it is ridiculous!

  5. fanfrommontreal says:

    Belichick did that before and was told to stop by the league, no?
    Correct. PFT posted an article back in 2016: “NFL forces Patriots to wear numbered jerseys at practice.”

    That rule was aimed directly at Belichick, so he obeys the letter of the law (as usual) and just gives the new guys random numbers, like QB Jarrett Stidham wearing No. 58 as a rookie. Maybe Jerry Jones didn’t get the memo.

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