Jaguars’ defense had six Pro Bowlers in 2017, all are now gone

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Two and a half years ago, the Jaguars had a fourth-quarter lead over the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game. The Jaguars would go on to lose, but their future looked bright, thanks to a dominant defense that had six Pro Bowlers.

Today’s trade of Yannick Ngakoue to the Vikings means all six of those Pro Bowlers are now gone.

The Jaguars have moved on from all those Pro Bowlers because of a combination of salary disputes, personal issues and an effort to reshape the roster: Jalen Ramsey was traded to the Rams, A.J. Bouye was traded to the Broncos, Calais Campbell was traded to the Ravens, Malik Jackson was released and now plays for the Eagles and Telvin Smith retired.

The results have not been good. Since a Week Two win over the Patriots in 2018 had some describing the Jaguars as the team of the future in the AFC, Jacksonville is just 9-21.

The Jaguars are a reminder of how quickly things can change in the NFL. Just two years ago tey appeared to have the best young defense in football, and now the building blocks of that defense are gone.

8 responses to “Jaguars’ defense had six Pro Bowlers in 2017, all are now gone

  1. Not saying the Jags have done well replacing the players but outside of Ramsey and Ngakoue none of those guys are still in their prime. For what they got in return for Ramsey I wouldn’t have a problem with what they did with these players. Players age quick.

  2. Telvin Smith has serious issues, and would have been cut anyway. Even low character NFL teams like the Jags wont stand for pedos

  3. My coach always said excuses are a dime a dozen. The bottom line is the Jags organization is in shambles, and it usually starts at the top. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that all the good players who had options to leave, left. Forced their way out. I can’t remember ever seeing that before. It’s like a stubborn owner who would rather watch the entire ship sink, than change captains.

  4. Looking at the Jacksonville situation, I still see a team with no plan. The Jags don’t seem to have a long range plan, or a short term plan. I certainly don’t see a plan to get better. It started when Khan gave serious thought to moving the team to London and it fell apart. Since that time, it looks like Khan lost interest in the Jags. Their is no cohesive leader on the Jags. It’s basically a ship without a rudder or an anchor. The Jags are just floating in the NFL sea. The indecision starts at the top and has worked it’s way down. Owner, management, GM, coaching, etc… etc… etc…

  5. Says a lot about how overrated all pro has become. More about hype than being substantial players.

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