Jaguars, Vikings agree to Yannick Ngakoue trade

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Yannick Ngakoue is on the move.

Ngakoue, the defensive end who has insisted he will no longer play for the Jaguars, is apparently getting his wish, as Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Jaguars and Vikings have agreed to a trade.

The deal will see the Vikings send a 2021 second-round pick and a conditional 2022 pick that could either be in the third round (if the Vikings win the Super Bowl and Ngakoue makes the Pro Bowl), the fourth round (if Ngakoue makes the Pro Bowl and the Vikings don’t win the Super Bowl) or the fifth round (if Ngakoue doesn’t make the Pro Bowl) to the Jaguars.

Ngakoue has to sign his franchise tag for the deal to become official, and the Vikings need to restructure some of their other contracts to fit Ngakoue’s $17.788 million salary under the cap. But it’s expected that will get done soon, and Ngakoue will play for the Vikings in 2020.

23 responses to “Jaguars, Vikings agree to Yannick Ngakoue trade

  1. GREAT move for the Vikes! But as a Viking fan I have to look for the dark cloud…Hopefully this doesn’t impact the Dalvin Cook negotiations and/or mean that Hunter’s “tweak” is more serious

  2. Not bad trading a 3rd rounder for a 2nd round player (possibly more) and the 2nd rounder will be a lot younger without the headaches most likely. I am actually surprised the Seahawks or Dallas did not get this one.

  3. As a Jags fan this was a very “Jags” move..when pressured make a desperate move. For 8 sacks a year I guess thats good compensation. Calias isnt the strong side so he wont make the pro bowl in Minnesota…meh

  4. im happy for this guy..the jags had a defense that went to the afc championship game ,,then they dismantled it..dont know why i dont know why people hate playing for the jags anymore..the coach should be fired and the gm..blows my mond . brought in nick foles then showed him the door but gave him 25 million anyway, players can be great in the right system then they go somewhere else then suck..look at nick foles .of course he followed the money but he wasnt a good fit, free aganecy history is full of bombs like this..nannick will go to the vikings and dominate big time , the dude was unhappy and he knew it was going to be suck time at jacksonville.good for him

  5. Not really what the Jags were hoping for in pick compensation. Almost wish the Eagles had done that, they would get a 3rd back if they let him leave after one year.

  6. Finally this nonsense is done with. Can’t help but feel this was an undersell by Jacksonville considering that rumor a few months ago that the Raiders were willing to trade a 1 for him. Good on Minnesota getting a replacement for Griffen and good on Jacksonville getting something of value for a malcontent.

  7. Wow! Not the multiple 1st rounders like they demanded! I’m not thrilled he’s in the division now, but at least he will cost them a lot of cap from day 1 on!

  8. The issue is, he’s not worth $17.788MM regardless of what jersey he’s wearing. The Vikings will spend way more than that, when figuring in headache medicine cost. The guy is a migraine.

  9. I think he has a chance of making an impact on an established defense like the Vikings. As a Raiders fan, I would rather keep those picks and that hefty salary and build through the draft. Win/Win?

  10. The team isn’t built to make a deep run in the playoffs this season with or without this guy.

    After the cap crunch for the last few seasons, and with the cap certain to decrease next season, this seems like a bad move.

  11. I am no business expert, especially nfl business. I am curious how he can play on the tag if the vikings already have a player who has been tagged. Does a trade offset that or something?

  12. I’m always excited to add a player of this caliber but I am worried that the interior of the defensive line is soft, and the offensive line has some serious question marks as well. this is essentially a one-year deal and it seems like that must mean something and I’m afraid that means that Hunter’s injury is serious

  13. This guy has had only 2 career 2+ sack games (both were recorded as 2.5 sacks). His last 2+ sack game came in October of 2017. That’s a long tome ago. In his one career start vs Green Bay he had 1 tackle and 1 assist. The Jags don’t do a lot right but dumping this declining, overrated headache for a 2nd was smooth.

  14. Prior to last season, the Jags (allegedly) offered this guy a 3 year contract at $19 mill/year. He chose to do what he did- play his 4th year under his rookie contract for about $2 million and then be franchised at $17 mill this year so…he netted $19 million instead of $38 million over these 2 years.

    He will have a hard time making up that other $19 million and should pray he doesn’t get injured this year.

    I would have taken the $57 million over 3 years and then let the chips fall where they may or just gotten out, healthy (hopefully) and rich. You?

  15. Good grief, the other thread says he agreed to drop his take to $13.5 million this year (with Minnesota state tax at 9.85% dropping it to around $12.1 million- FL has no state income tax).

    So he’ll net about 14.5 mill for his 2 years instead of $38,000,000.

    Wow. I hope his Maryland degree wasn’t in Financial Planning.

  16. Welcome to world class. Under Zimmer and Patterson he will excel. I anticipate this will cost us a 2 and a 3 at seasons end….

  17. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    August 30, 2020 at 9:01 am
    Players whine…and they always get their way.

    Yannick never wanted to play for the Jags. He stated this publicly. He would have been content hitting the open market, but the Jags franchised him so they could get something more in return. The teams won here, and the player lost. Jacksonville got better draft compensation than if they let him walk and collected a comp pick for him. Minnesota got him for a much lower salary than if they had to compete on the open market. Yannick went from making a lot of guaranteed money to playing for one year at 60% of the salary he would have made. I’m not saying I feel bad for him, because this is what he asked for. But this was more than a player forcing himself out of town. The player clearly stated his intentions and the team ignored them in order to maximize returns. If you want to know why the Jags are having trouble hanging onto talented players, reread that last sentence.

  18. Packers fans just collectively crapped their pants. This guy will fit in perfectly and Andre Patterson will make sure to make him the best he can be. Vikes are built on the run and solid Defense. Bookends……hahaha

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