Mike McCarthy is “not a fan” of fake crowd noise

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are one of the few teams in the league who will start the season with fans in the stands at their home stadium.

The NFL intends to use artificial crowd noise for games without fans present. The noise is expected to be in the 70 to 85-decibel range.

So the Cowboys, who open the season at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles against the Rams, practiced at AT&T Stadium on Sunday night with fake crowd noise.

“It’s league mandated,” Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said. “They’re trying to pull all the football criteria together for the regular-season games. It seems like they’re not settled on a decibel level – a level of noise – so I was kind of waiting to see exactly how loud it was going to be, particularly the crowd noise that’s going to be the same in every stadium. So that’s a pretty accurate example of what to expect.”

McCarthy made it clear he’s “not a fan.”

“There’s a reason for it, and we’ll be fine,” McCarthy said before later adding, “It’s just not real. I don’t know what you thought of it. You play in stadiums throughout your career and some stadiums have really bad fake crowd noise and some are better than others. You do this long enough, you know what it sounds like. It’s just not the real thing.”

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady said fake crowd noise “definitely has its challenges.” Then again, so does playing on the road with real fans in the stands.

5 responses to “Mike McCarthy is “not a fan” of fake crowd noise

  1. Fake crowd noise is just appalling. I don’t understand the kind of childish mentality that needs something so fake to play or watch a game.

    We may never see games played under these circumstances again. Show us the real thing, including the real sound! It’s an historic moment.

  2. Is it really that bizarre for viewers to not have crowd noise? In my opinion the crowd noise is most fun when you’re actually in the stadium. Watching from home, who really cares? On the broadcasts, they always lower the crowd noise significantly anyway & focus on the talking heads.

  3. You’d think he would appreciate the piped in crowd noise. It’s better than the usual boos from live crowds.

  4. I watched a Premier League soccer game with fake noise…it was moronic to see an empty stadium sound like it was packed.

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