Report: Jalen Reagor out a few weeks with labrum tear

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Jalen Reagor will have to wait a bit before playing in his first NFL game.

He injured his shoulder in Sunday’s practice, and Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that the Eagles receiver will miss at least the opener after an MRI revealed a small tear in Reagor’s labrum.

Reagor will not require surgery, Davison adds.

The Eagles open against Washington on Sept. 13, and Reagor also possibly will miss the Week Two game against the Rams.

The Eagles drafted Reagor with the 21st overall choice, expecting him to play a big role from Day One.

He caught 148 passes for 2,248 yards and 22 touchdowns in his three-year TCU career. Reagor also rushed for 324 yards and two TDs in his career.

17 responses to “Report: Jalen Reagor out a few weeks with labrum tear

  1. This season is probably going to be a fluke anyway. This kid has a bright future.

  2. The first and second year of Chip Kelly, Philly was the least injured team in the league. That’s one thing his staff got right. They’ve been decimated by injuries to key players for about 5 years now. I get all teams have injuries…but it’s just relentless in Philly.

  3. ‘A few weeks’ for a lebron tear. LOL. Even minor is a big deal. It will be longer. He will miss more than the author alludes to…one possibly two games.

  4. He did this tackling a Hurt inception. Why would we have him tackle and not blow the whistle ? What is there to gain him tackling someone

  5. Chargers, Eagles two teams that come to mind that constantly are missing key performers. Team trainers and medical staff are really important.

  6. Philly’s heading for a massive rebuild beginning next year when they need to clear about $95 million from what’s currently on the books for them in 2021 – $270 million. That’s about a half dozen big time, core players gone. In 2022 it’s buh-bye for Wentz too.

    Looks like Howie’s head got a little too big for his pocketbook.

  7. Philly may as well tank with a bunch of other teams this year. Full scale rebuild up next. Draft order more important than Reagor.

  8. How many injuries have to happen before the HC takes the initiative to say “HEY this can’t be totally the players faults, there’s just too many of them happening” and finally cut the strength and conditioning coaches because they clearly aren’t doing their jobs!

  9. But then again it could be that having to much fun when you’re supposed to be working makes you SOFT!

  10. He’ll need surgery. Labrum tear is no joke. Same injury that kept Andrew luck out almost 2 years

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