Bengals still fired up about Joe Burrow after scrimmages

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There was an interception, though it might have been pass interference if there were actual officials. But all things considered, the Bengals aren’t anything other than excited after seeing rookie quarterback Joe Burrow in their second team scrimmage.

He’s just been impressive,” Bengals coach Zac Taylor said, via Ben Baby of “He’s what we expected when we took him No. 1 overall. He hasn’t disappointed one day he’s been out there.”

His stat line didn’t jump out at you in the scrimmage, as he was 19-of-33 for 200 yards and a touchdown. There was also a disputed interception which happened when his receiver went down in the end zone, which might have reasonably drawn a flag in a more structured environment.

But Taylor was effusive in his praise talking about his command of the offense and the huddle, and the way he moved the team. Burrow himself was critical of his performance, saying it wasn’t as good as their first intrasquad scrimmage, though he felt “more comfortable than I did last week.” That’s fine with Taylor too.

“Probably the thing that gets him the most is when he thinks the error is his own and he doesn’t want to replicate the same mistake twice,” Taylor said. “But he’s a competitive guy, and we expect him to lead this offense to a lot of points.”

The Bengals are going to have a mock game Thursday to prepare for the regular season opener against the Chargers, giving him one final chance to polish his game before they start games that count.