Daniel Snyder claims he suggested that NFL assume investigation into Washington allegations

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The NFL has taken over the investigation launched by the Washington Football Team into the Washington Football Team. Owner Daniel Snyder, in a statement issued to Adam Schefter of ESPN, contends that Snyder suggested the move.

“Recently, the Washington Football Team launched an independent [editor’s note: it wasn’t] third-part investigation about our culture and incidents of harassment,” the statement explains. “In conversations with Commissioner Goodell, Tanya and I suggested that the NFL assume full oversight of the investigation so that the results are thorough, complete and trusted by the fans, the players, our employees and the public. I appreciate Commissioner Goodell agreeing to our suggestion and the entire Washington Football Team remains committed to fully cooperating with all aspects of the investigation.”

While the goal may be to ensure that the results are “trusted by the fans, and the players, our employees and the public,” it will be hard to trust work performed by the lawyer hired by Snyder. Before the investigation can even remotely be regarded as independent, Beth Wilkinson must be replaced with someone hired by the league.

So since Snyder is in the mindset to make suggestions aimed at boosting the perception of the investigation, that should be his next one.

16 responses to “Daniel Snyder claims he suggested that NFL assume investigation into Washington allegations

  1. But if the league hires a lawyer, won’t he or she be equally biased towards the league as Wilkinson is towards Snyder? Why not get a lawyer to investigate who is associated with neither the league NOR Snyder in any way?

  2. Why can’t you just be ok with the idea Dan personally did nothing wrong? Maybe other people did and he just didn’t know about it. If he’s ok with and independent investigation he probably has nothing to hide.

  3. I do not care for the Redskins or Snyder. However, leave the TEAM and MAN alone !!!! It is getting old.

  4. Mr. Snyder just needs to go away. Sell the team and go far, far away. Not just for these recent issues, but because his entire ownership time has been filled with more blunders than Cleveland ever thought of having. You can look at it as many different ways as you want but it all comes down to his horrible decision making year after year. Time to give those Washington fans a reason to cheer….new ownership.

  5. Dan Snyder suggested that the NFL oversee the investigation? LOL Who suggested the attorney conducting the investigation? Where there is smoke, there is fire. There are far too many people making claims of workplace harassment and the NFL lets Snyder hire the attorney rather than appointing one? This whole thing is so rigged. What does Snyder have on Goodall? LOL

  6. That can’t be true. The league can’t be that clueless, right? Either that or we’re a bunch of idiots out here and the league is aware of it. So if Goodell was a chicken farmer, would he hire a fox to guard the hen house?

  7. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s just damage control. Whatever the situation, I just want him out. He’s done too much damage to this team and fan base.

  8. “it will be hard to trust work performed by the lawyer hired by Snyder…Beth Wilkinson must be replaced with someone hired by the league.”


    Beth Wilkinson is a HIGHLY respected lawyer and NOTHING in her long, distinguished career with the JAG Corps, Justice Department and as partner at Paul & Weiss comes remotely close to being untrustworthy.

  9. I don’t care who suggested it, but if D Snyder is ok with all this, then it’s all spin doctoring folks. By the end, he’ll be claiming he was “fully exonerated!”

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