Jaguars releasing Leonard Fournette

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The Jaguars declined Leonard Fournette‘s fifth-year option this offseason, and they decided they didn’t want the fourth year either.

According to Michael DiRocco of, the Jaguars are releasing the former first-round running back.

Not only was Fournette the fourth overall pick in 2017, he was taken four spots ahead of Christian McCaffrey, who has gone onto sign a four-year, $64 million contract extension with the Panthers this offseason.

Fournette ran for 1,152 yards last year in 15 games last year, so he should get opportunities (though the Jaguars were unable to trade him).

Ultimately, it’s another sad personnel chapter for a team that has collected talent, but continues to shed it at a rapid rate and hasn’t turned any of those good players into consistent winning.

18 responses to “Jaguars releasing Leonard Fournette

  1. He’s been nothing but trouble since he’s been in the league but still the jags are clueless how to put a team together or how to keep a team together

  2. Holy cow. I know he wasn’t playing up to his draft status but this seems likely out of the blue. I wonder if something else is going on or maybe he didn’t show up in shape and that was the last straw?

  3. Wouldn’t have mattered if they took McCaffrey anyway…would have traded him for more draft picks so they could draft more players and trade them for draft picks so they could draft more players and trade them for draft picks so they could draft more players and trade them for more …the “rebuild” is never going to begin or end…just churning draft picks…

  4. Come to the Saints and be our power back. There probably wont be enough touches to get 1,000 yards but Sean Payton will showcase your talent rather than relentlessly sending you into a stacked box everytime. The Jaguars are a mess, this dude carried your offense very close to the SB and leadership antagonized him for it. Any team that has a united goal of winning will enjoy his talent and attitude.

  5. I’ve followed the Jags since 95 … and man, character matters.

    The Jags drafted a good core of talent over the past few years (Ngakoue, Ramsey, Fournette) … but after 2017 you could easily detect the poisonous behavior. They had a great run in 2017 but it seems like they just weren’t mature enough to overcome what came next, losing.

    27 is just part of that group and it stings more knowing who else we could have drafted instead of forcing a RB right that high.

  6. Patriots on line one? Seems like the sort of career-saving pickup Belichick would provide. What’s his face (Patriots RB) has been pretty underwhelming. More so than Fournette.

  7. The Jaguars really look like a team that does not have a plan Gardner Minshew is going to have a really rough time.

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