Riley Reiff tells teammates he expects to be cut

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The Vikings and tackle Riley Reiff are stuck in a late-camp salary impasse, and for now Reiff is creating the impression that he won’t blink.

Per a league source, Reiff has told teammates he expects to be cut. This means that he doesn’t expect to reduce his $10.9 million salary for 2020.

Cutting Reiff would create $8.7 million in cap space, with $2.2 million in dead money this year and another $2.2 million next year.

It’s a common late-August dynamic for veterans with non-guaranteed contracts. After rosters elsewhere are set, the team gives the player an ultimatum on a reduced salary. By then, it will be difficult if not impossible for the player to get as much or more elsewhere.

Behind the scenes, Reiff’s agent will gauge the market before making a final decision. Although it’s tampering for another team to tell Reiff’s agent what Reiff would be paid if he suddenly becomes available, it happens all the time.

Reiff, 31, was a first-round pick of the Lions in 2012. He signed a five-year, $58.75 million deal with the Vikings as a free agent in 2017. He has made $36 million in three years with the Vikings.

21 responses to “Riley Reiff tells teammates he expects to be cut

  1. If they cut him, the Eagles better send Jeffrey Laurie’s private plane to MN and pick him up.

  2. I’m sure they Chiefs will sign him to a 5-yr, $95 million deal since they have an infinite cap.

  3. Tough spot for the Viking… Reiff isn’t great, and he is definitely overpaid, but is consistently mediocre. Given Spielman and Zimmer’s complete inability to draft and develop offensive linemen, I wouldn’t count on the Vikings having anyone who can perform at a consistently mediocre level at left tackle on the roster.

  4. “I wouldn’t count on the Vikings having anyone who can perform at a consistently mediocre level at left tackle on the roster.”

    The theory is they move O’Neill over to LT. Which means they must really like Oli Udoh to replace him at RT. It’s not ideal this close to the season but O’Neill’s been really good. He is a lot cheaper and certainly has more upside than Reiff too.

  5. Go sign all those DE’s and lose your only ok LT on the team. Best hope that Huner and Nagoke can take over every game this year as your O is in trouble. your RB wants a contract and your QB does not like much contact:)

  6. “I’m sure they Chiefs will sign him to a 5-yr, $95 million deal since they have an infinite cap.”

    They have two more seasons before Mahomes contract actually kicks in, he chose to play out the terms of his rookie deal. They’re spending every dime they can now to try and stack multiple rings before things get harder to pay other players.

  7. If they want to create cap space by getting rid of Reiff, they should at least explore the possibility of making a trade with the Eagles. The Eagles are $23.5 million under the cap so could easily absorb Reiff’s contract for a year. The only problem is if the Eagles are sure they could get him in free agency by outbidding anyone else. I just hate to give away a left tackle, even a mediocre one.

  8. I wanted him cut right after last season. He’s lousy. Like, really lousy. And at that salary, even lousier. I hope he refuses a pay cut and gets cut.

  9. Can’t block any pass rusher that is good or better than good. Vikings will probably try to trade him to Denver or philly but that won’t happen. A rookie won’t be much of a drop off and has way more upside.

  10. As any Viking fan who has watched him last year knows, he not worth half of what he wants. let him walk.

  11. He isn’t worth his contract but in all fairness, you could say that about the rest of the Viking’s offense line. The Vikings might not like it but when it comes to who blinks first, it will Spielman & company.

  12. Ezra Cleveland was drafted in the 2nd and cant replace Reiff or Elfein immediately? Wow. Looks like another swing and a miss by the Vikings when drafting Olinemen. Maybe they shouldve used more than 2 of there 15 draft picks on their biggest position of need.

  13. He’s a $5M/yr backup level LT at this stage of his career, and he’s lost leverage because all his guaranteed money is paid. I’m surprised he lasted this long with the Vikes tight cap situation — O’neill and Udogh are much better bangs for the buck, but this does thin the O-line depth.

  14. These players better get every dime they can get this year because next season the cap is coming tumbling down like the straw house in the 3 little pigs!

  15. As an unfortunate Lions fan I was shocked to see the contract Reiff got from the Vikings. He is consistently average. If Minnesota is trying to dump him though there are some teams with horrible OL situations, like the Eagles, where he would be a steady presence. Not for $11m but since he’s pocketed $36m in addition to his first round contract I’m sure he will be okay.

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