Making sense of the Alvin Kamara craziness

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The past couple of days have spawned a rash of conflicting and curious reports and rumors regarding the Saints and running back Alvin Kamara. Ultimately, it’s all just part of the sausage-making process that currently is expected to lead to a new deal by, per a source with knowledge of the situation, Monday.

That’s not a guarantee a deal will be done by then. Currently, that’s the goal. Indeed, it’s always been the goal. But things have gotten sideways a bit during the negotiations, resulting in disputed reports of unexcused absences and rumor and reports of six-figure fines along with suggestions in some circles of a recent squabble that broke out between Kamara and coach Sean Payton.

As one source explained it to PFT, the Saints actually were calling other teams to gauge possible trade interest in the fourth-year tailback. It seems that this was part of an effort not to actually trade Kamara but to demonstrate that there’s no other team that currently would give the Saints what they’d want for Kamara (presumably a lot) and also pay him what he wants (presumably a lot more than what the Saints are offering).

The Saints have long believed that Kamara is every bit as good as Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, if not better. That created, as one source put it to PFT, a very real sense of anxiety and apoplexy for the Saints, once McCaffrey signed his long-term deal worth $16 million per year and the Saints realized that Kamara would want the same deal or something close to it, even if the Saints don’t use Kamara as extensively as the Panthers use McCaffrey.

It currently seems that everything that has happened in recent days was simply part of the posturing aimed at getting a deal done, with a current belief that a deal will indeed get done. The fact that things got tenuous over the past few days means that they could get tenuous again between now and Monday, as the two sides work toward getting a deal done.

14 responses to “Making sense of the Alvin Kamara craziness

  1. “The Saints have long believed that Kamara is every bit as good as Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, if not better”

    Dude, how is that possible? Same conference, same division. Do the Saints not watch film? Not watching film is a “bold move” as Cotton would say. Run CMC would get 2,000 & 2,000 playing within the Saints offense. He is the best back in the league hands down.

  2. I think AK is better than McCaffrey. Mostly becauae he is a better runner. These two along with Barkley i think are the only backs in the NFL worth the big money. I would be more than thrilled if the eagles gave up a first for a guy like AK and would have no issue with a 15-16 mil a year contract.

    If your team were to do that, you have build around him. Understanding you have to cheap out on wr or te. Or you have to really go cheap on defense.

  3. Hopefully the Saints plan on playing all of their games in Bizarro World which is the only place Kamara is as good as Christian McCaffrey.

  4. “The Saints have long believed that Kamara is every bit as good as Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, if not better.” Yeah, no. Kamara is very good but McCaffrey is the 2nd coming of Marshall Faulk, plus his attitude is much better than Kamara which goes a long way towards being a great teammate. Give me CMC all day (and I’m not even a Panthers fan).

  5. McCarthy is the better back, but Kamara is close. It’s a shame McCarthy will be broken down in 2-3 years from the usage he’ll see. Kamara has a better chance at longevity because the Saints didn’t have to rely on just him.

  6. If Mixon is worth $12M and CMC is worth $16M, Kamara should be right in the middle… $14M should get it done.

  7. Kamara is nowhere near as good as McCaffery especially over the last two years. Kamara was the better rookie of the two but since then, not even debatable. McCaffery has 1800-2000+ yards in back to back seasons.

    Kamara last year had less rushing and receiving yards than rookie Miles Sanders, who started 10 games.

    2017: 435 rush/2td, 651 receiving/5td, 1 fumble
    2018: 1,098 rush/7td, 867 receiving/6td, 4 fumbles
    2019: 1,387 rush/15td, 1,005 receiving/4td, 1 fumble
    Totals: 2,920 rush/24td, 2523 receiving/15td, 6 fumbles

    2017: 728 rush/8td, 826 receiving/5td, 1 fumble
    2018: 883 rush/14td, 709 receiving/4td
    2019: 797 rush/5td, 533 receiving/1td, 4 fumbles
    Totals: 2408 rush/27td, 2068 receiving/10td, 5 fumbles

  8. McCaffery is excellent and also overpaid.
    Because of the new CBA rules Kamara better be careful or he will lose a year of eligibility and and be able to become a free agent for another year.
    Just have a great year and he will get paid.

  9. Kamara lost leverage when he was out last year and the Saints were just fine with Latavius Murray.

  10. These RBs think they’re beyond special. After the rookie contract expires just let the guy walk if he thinks he’s worth all that and bring in the next young fresh pair of legs every 4-years… wash, rinse, repeat. You’ll never have to pay BIG $$$ on a RB and with the money saved can build a defense, or an offensive line, and everybody has to pay their QB. Sorry, but paying a RB doesn’t make sense in the scheme of a salary cap and having to field a competitive team in today’s NFL.

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