Raiders put Tyrell Williams on IR

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Wide receiver Tyrell Williams won’t be on the field for the Raiders during their first season in Las Vegas.

The Raiders placed Williams on injured reserve Tuesday. The move comes before the cut to 53 players, so Williams will not be eligible to return to the Raiders lineup at any point during the regular season.

Williams tore the labrum in his shoulder earlier this month and initial word was that he was going to try to play through the injury. That plan obviously changed and Williams’ second season with the Raiders is over before it started.

The loss of Williams makes it all the more important for the Raiders to get strong contributions from first-rounder Henry Ruggs and third-rounder Bryan Edwards this season.

9 responses to “Raiders put Tyrell Williams on IR

  1. I’m not too worried, more chances for our exciting rookies to show what they can do! 👍🏻

  2. Like I said last week, the Raiders are moving away from Williams. Edwards is younger, cheaper, hungrier and not hurt all of the time. It’s his time now. Williams time with the Raiders has come to an end. Too bad he was plagued by injuries in his only 2 years. Great guy with talent, but can’t stay on the field.

  3. They blew it by keeping him. He was never worth what he was making. Could have cut him before March with no dead money.

  4. With hindsight, a terrible signing. Not because of talent or drive, just the injury bug. Buyer beware with a lot of free agent signings. Most of the time they are being let walk out of the previous building for a reason. I’d like to see a percentage of the 3-4 year big money deals that are actually honored by both parties.

  5. I would have preferred for him to be put on IR after cutdowns, so that he’d be eligible to return, just in case. It is what it is, though. It’s the Ruggs and Edwards show now. Go Raiders!

  6. I’m just coming back from a labrum tear that happened as part of a dislocated and broken shoulder. The rehab and recover isn’t necessarily hard by comparison, it’s just long and there are a number of pitfalls that can happen along the way – the ever-dredded “frozen shoulder” being chief among them. All the best to Tyrell in making a comeback.

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