Report: Patriots interested in Leonard Fournette

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Free agent running back Leonard Fournette is drawing some interest in New England.

The Patriots have expressed interest in Fournette, who was cut by the Jaguars and cleared waivers, according to Jeff Howe of

New England’s offense will be significantly different this year, with Tom Brady out at quarterback and Cam Newton in. But the Patriots have a fairly crowded backfield with Sony Michel, James White, Rex Burkhead, Damien Harris and Lamar Miller all having roles to play. At least one of those running backs would be out of a job if Fournette arrived.

Fournette has never played against the Patriots in the regular season. He did face New England in the 2018 AFC Championship Game, where he was held to 76 yards on 24 carries.

33 responses to “Report: Patriots interested in Leonard Fournette

  1. Of course they are!

    They’re interested in every has-been and never-was.

    Fournette happens to be both!

  2. I’m sure he will have a resurgence with the Patriots and make the jaguars look absolutely foolish.

  3. Reports are that they contacted the agent to gage what the cost is…that seems like due diligence more than outright interest…if they were very interested they would have claimed him on waivers. He’s an old style RB that needs a FB and 20+ touchs a game, not sure he fits in the NFL these days

  4. Lamar Miller isn’t making the team. J.J. Taylor will the the last RB on the squad. Don’t want Fournette

  5. Because BB can reform everyone right? He’s desparate. Fournette may not last long there though since Fournette has no work ethic or discipline. When your teammates request that they get rid of you, it’s bad.

  6. I called this one yesterday. Sleeveless Bill loves a goal line battering ram. Look what LeGarrette Blount did in that system.

  7. LeGarrette Blount 2.0

    Another guy BB will resurrect. Watch for a snowy game in December where BB will use Fournette to bash the defense into submission.

  8. Hope it works out money-wise. Another prove it deal where he’d give max effort and focus for 1 year and then some other team will waste a ton of money on him. Pats might even get a compensatory pick out of it. Can’t lose.

  9. I was waiting on this. Bellichiek loved having Corey Dillon . He loves having his 3 down, downhill power back alongside Cam Newton. You better believe Belichick is about to reinvent the Read Option on a scale none of us have ever seen before…. He’s got two-three more deep playoff / super bowl runs in him if Fournette lands in New England

  10. Sure, look into adding another RB. Nevermind the fact that NE doesn’t have any WRs or a QB.

  11. From the Reports Cam seems to have had a coming to jesus. Maybe this is what Fournette needs. They did take a chance with AB and all his baggage.

  12. But they have the best running back talent in the conference and Fournette has always been overrated. No way the pats sign this guy

    Lmaooo. This is getting way too comical.

  13. If he signs, it will be touted as another coup for Belichick. And it will be anything but. Belichick continues to get the benefit of the doubt with these types of moves and they very seldom pan out.

  14. Interest is fine…. Bill doing Bill type things….I got a feeling it’s going to be a run heavy team this year & IF Fournette can buy in & be a team player then I can see Bill bringing him on board for 1 year 3 million, especially after canning Sanu….. excited to see how it turns out!!!
    Go Pats!!!!

  15. Glad you Pat fans are excited. Buc fans are too. Brady,Gronk and Leonard want to wish you all a good Morning.

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