Will Bucs keep Leonard Fournette and LeSean McCoy?

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The arrival of running back Leonard Fournette in Tampa seems to signify, at first blush, a short stay for veteran running back LeSean McCoy, who signed with the Bucs in late July. For now, though, he’s being told he’s staying put.

Per a league source, the Buccaneers have informed McCoy that he’ll still have a spot on the roster.

Of course, he may have a hard time getting to the game-day roster. The top two tailbacks on the depth chart typically don’t play special teams; the rest do. If LeSean McCoy is behind Ronald Jones and Fournette, it’s hard to envision McCoy dressing in lieu of a younger running back who would contribute on special teams.

Last year, McCoy was a surprise cut for the Bills. At least for now, he’s under the impression that won’t be happening for the second straight year.

6 responses to “Will Bucs keep Leonard Fournette and LeSean McCoy?

  1. Since they have no legit RBs, and each has a different skill set, they have no choice as desperate as they are. Only Brady who lost 3 sbs unwilling to use a run game to help him, still thinks a run game is irrelevant.


  2. Why can’t he play special teams though? He wouldn’t be the first older running back to do it. Half a dozen special teams snaps half a dozen spell back snaps sounds like decent value for the vet minimum deal hes on.

  3. Yah on Sunday I reached & drafted Jones II because I obviously bought the hype. How does Chicago or Philly not make a play?

  4. McCoy is 32 and is playing under a contract paying him a little over $1M this year. The Bucs can cut him and not have any dead money. If they ask him to play special teams I can’t see how he can decline at this point. He may not like it but I don’t think he has many other options at this point. Maybe they’ll ask Fournette to play special teams. Who knows. In due time we’ll find out.

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