Bruce Arians: Nothing changes for Ronald Jones, it’s his job

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Leonard Fournette is joining the Buccaneers, but head coach Bruce Arians said on Thursday that he’s not going to the top of the depth chart.

Ronald Jones has been working as the top back in Tampa and Arians said on a video conference that will continue to be the case even though the team moved quickly to sign the former Jaguar on Wednesday.

“It’s his job. Nothing’s changed for him,” Arians said of Jones, via Greg Auman of

Arians said that he thinks Fournette can pick up the offense quickly enough to have a role against the Saints in Week One. That role and the roles of other backs on the roster like LeSean McCoy, Dare Ogunbowale and Ke'Shawn Vaughn need to be defined, but Arians was clear about who is No. 1 on Thursday.

13 responses to “Bruce Arians: Nothing changes for Ronald Jones, it’s his job

  1. Position should be earned, not given. Aside from that, may be an opportunity for Ariana to go with the current trend of rb committee, hopefully prolonging longevity of all.

  2. As clearly the best back on the team, Jones couldn’t seem to convince his coaches to give him the ball more last season, even as the QB threw pick after pick after pick.

    Arians didn’t sign two big name veterans to watch from the sidelines.

  3. I’ll buy it for the week 1 game just because he needs a little time to learn the offense, but my bet is Fournette is the starter by week 3.

  4. Maybe Jones is RB1 for a couple weeks while Fournette learns more of the offense, but it’s only a matter of time until Fournette is the lead back.

    Fournette ranked sixth in the league with 1,674 scrimmage yards last year (and if you think he did it while out of shape and lazy, then that only makes the figure more impressive). Jones was 52nd with 1,033 scrimmage yards.

    I suppose Fournette could still talk or otherwise character himself into the doghouse, but from the on-field perspective Fournette is an elite producer while Jones, at least so far, is not.

  5. It’s quite possible that, yes, Jones will start the game and get most of the snaps while Fournette will get most of the goalline/short yardage plays.

  6. The Bucs have three elite RB’s. Jones, Fournette, and their new rookie Ke’Shawn Vaughn. All three have the ability to be the #1 RB on most NFL teams. Arians has been coaching long enough to know that one day you might think you have too many guys, but then a couple injuries happen, or a guy gets suspended for some reason, and suddenly you’re lucky to have one good player left standing. That’s why they use the cliche “one day at a time”. Too many good players is not considered a problem.

  7. Fournette is best if used as a change of pace and short yardage back. Watch tape of him last year in Jacksonville and you’ll see a guy who routinely missed holes and instead ran into his own linemen.

    Fournette could be very good if he starts working at his craft. There were times last year where Minshew (A 6th round rookie) had to put Fournette in the correct position pre-snap.

    If Brady can’t get him to work hard then no one will be able to.

  8. Arians will let Jones play the first snap and then swap him out for Fournette. While Jones is decent RB that’s getting better, guys with Fournette’s size and shockingly good hands (76 receptions in 2019) don’t come around often.

  9. Nice try Bruce. You don’t bring Fournette in to backup. He’ll play more than Jones who’ll be phased out.

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