No quarantine quarterback for Broncos

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As teams close in on creating their initial 53-man rosters (which are always subject to non-stop change), the Broncos won’t be saving a roster spot for a player who won’t be constantly with the team. Coach Vic Fangio told reporters on Thursday that Denver won’t have a so-called quarantine quarterback.

“I don’t think it’s necessary to be honest with you,” Fangio said. “Plus it has to be with the right guy, somebody that has experience in you system that if the emergency happens you have them there. I don’t think — our quarterbacks have been meeting together all camp. They’re socially distanced like they should be. I think most teams are doing that. There hasn’t been an issue so far, knock on wood.”

Here’s the thing. It’s not an issue until it is. And then it’s a huge issue, if the team has no quarterbacks.

But that’s a calculated risk the Broncos will be taking. And it’s one of the reasons why teams shouldn’t get a dispensation from the Commissioner and his outside advisory committee if, for whatever reason, they don’t have 46 players to dress and/or if the virus and/or injuries wipe out one position group entirely. Football if the ultimate next man up sport, and if a team makes the tactical decision to not keep a quarterback away from the rest of the quarterbacks in the event all of the quarterbacks get the virus, the team should be expected to deal with that development if all of the quarterbacks end up being unable to play, notwithstanding any and all knocking on wood.

The Broncos currently have three quarterbacks on the roster: Drew Lock, Jeff Driskel, and Brett Rypien.

6 responses to “No quarantine quarterback for Broncos

  1. Elway’s famous quote “There is no plan B” pretty much applies to his GM style. Driskel and Rypien are decent backups and I’m guessing Rypien won’t dress most games, so I don’t think it’s a real issue for Denver.

  2. Whether it’s a “quarantine QB” (a third string QB that doesn’t practice with the team) or a guy signed off the street, the odds are not in your favour if you need to start them. So why waste a roster spot when you’re facing the same thing either way?

  3. How much you want to bet if this happened (all QBs were infected) that someone would likely fudge some data/records and the “infected” person (likely a-symptomatic anyway other than a slight fever or postiive antibody test) would play anyway before a team would forfeit the game or have a srubinni playing QB….

  4. Well, good thing we Kaep hearing about a future first ballot hall of famer that is available as a free agent and is better than many starters and all of the backups so why waste time and roster spot on a 3rd string guy that doesn’t practice with the team when you could sign that guy if there is an issue?

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