Report: Dolphins fielding trade inquiries on Josh Rosen

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Quarterback Josh Rosen might be on the move again.

The Dolphins acquired Rosen in a trade with the Cardinals after the Cardinals picked Kyler Murray at the top of the 2019 draft. The arrival of another first-round pick in Miami would be the impetus for any other deal.

Tua Tagovailoa was the fifth-overall pick this year and he’s shown the team that he’s healthy after the hip injury he suffered during his final season at Alabama. As a result, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the team is fielding trade inquiries concerning Rosen.

Miami traded a 2019 second-round pick to Arizona for Rosen and a 2020 fifth-round pick a year after the Cardinals traded up to make Rosen the 10th overall pick of the 2018 draft. Theres no word on what kind of compensation the team would be looking for this time around.

Rosen started three games for Miami last year and 13 games for the Cardinals as a rookie. He has completed 275-of-502 passes for 2,845 yards, 12 touchdowns and 19 interceptions in 20 overall appearances.

27 responses to “Report: Dolphins fielding trade inquiries on Josh Rosen

  1. They are obligated to pay him his guarantied salary.
    Will an acquiring team want to pay him that, plus give up something?
    Realisticly, what can the Dolphins get?
    A 7th?
    A 6th?

    I would do that as the Dolphins if Rosen is a bust.

  2. Rosen from a distance looks like he really has not had a fair chance. Arizona & Miami are puzzling to give up on him so quick? I still remember draft night, many Bills fans were crying foul because they took Josh Allen instead of Rosen. You wonder how Rosen would have fared with the Bills, with the same kind of support & time to mature Josh is getting.

  3. What a rough start to
    His career. He went from a top ten
    QB to being to an afterthought in two years. I hope he gets the chance to prove himself right and others wrong in the future.

  4. It seems pretty obvious to me he could help Jacksonville , Falcons, Bengals. Steelers in a BACKUP role.

  5. It really has belichick Or Reich written all over it. Rosen hasn’t gotten a shot to develop in a system or had enough time to get comfortable. Between Kingbury’s man crush on Murray and the Dolphins banking on Tua, his value and his development has plummeted like a stone. I could see Belichick Or Frank Reich taking a shot to actually develop him and seeing what his ceiling actually could be in the NFL.

  6. He’s played for the 2 worst rosters the last 2 seasons. As a rookie and second year player he’s been in no position to succeed. The kid had talent coming out of college. Would be good for him to go to a team like the saints or bucs where he will have time to develop behind an established starter

  7. thefox61 says:
    Geez, this guy can’t catch a break. I hope goes to a team that gives him a realistic chance.

    gah05 says:
    Rosen from a distance looks like he really has not had a fair chance.

    Didn’t get a fair chance? He got the same chance every other player gets, but hasn’t been able to take advantage of it.
    You earn your bones in practice, and clearly Josh “there were nine (draft) mistakes ahead of me” Rosen hasn’t taken advantage of his opportunities, let alone seized the day.
    The guy was eventually handed the starting job in Arizona and was wildly inconsistent, while his successor there had an infinitely better rookie season and shows tons more promise.
    Since the trade to Miami he’s had ample opportunity to show the coaching staff what he can (or can’t) do. The fact he couldn’t beat out by mostly career backup Ryan Fitzpatrick, followed by the Dolphins drafting Tua, should tell you he hasn’t impressed.
    If anyone believed in this guy’s potential, or truly thought he was starting material, he’d be a starter by now. His numbers through 20 appearances — a lowly 54 completion percentage and seven more interceptions than touchdowns (19-12) — scream volumes.

  8. I never understood the big deal about this guy, I saw him at UCLA and I just didn’t think he would be a great pro

  9. “Fielding trade inquiries” or “making it known he’s available”? Seems the latter is more probable.

  10. Tampa Bay would be a good spot for him… study behind the GOAT and wasn’t Bruce Arians the HC in Arizona when he was drafted there? Seems to make sense to me.

  11. With this probably being the last year for Fitz, it would make sense for the dolphins to try and keep him as their backup especially since he’s still on his rookie contract. Tua with Rosen as the backup sounds like a decent QB combination.

  12. I doubt the Patriots trade for him. I think Belichick is done with immobile QBs. Stidham can move so he looks to be the future or will draft another mobile QB.

  13. At this level the game is about speed and for his position its also about play recognition. Its not that he can’t throw a good ball its that by the time he gets up to speed on the play its too late. Some players take longer to develop and that is Josh Rosen.

  14. @dregonspengler

    2 teams, 2 systems, multiple coaches. Yup that looks like a real fair chance. Only thing constant here is change & 2 worst teams in the NFL in 2 seasons.

  15. He hasn’t looked good at all, but you’ve got to feel for the guy. I don’t think any young top prospect has had it worse. Hope he can someday get a fair chance.

  16. Dolphins would be smart to keep Rosen. Especially with chances of injuries and Covid.
    He’s worth more than the Dolphins will receive in a trade.

  17. gah05 says:
    2 teams, 2 systems, multiple coaches. Yup that looks like a real fair chance.

    What in the world does that have to do with a fair chance?
    He couldn’t start out of the gate in Arizona, and was awful when he finally did. Kyler Murray came in the following year, also under a new coach and a new system, and he was light years better than Josh Rosen was.
    In Miami, Ryan Fitzpatrick is playing under the same second-year head coach, with the same second-year system, and has clearly beaten out Rosen. So has the rookie Tua, who is playing for his first coach in his first NFL season. Is is fair for them and not for him?
    It has nothing to with “fairness.” He simply hasn’t been up to the challenge, getting beat out by players who are competing under the exact same circumstances as he is.
    If you think Rosen will ever be a standout NFL quarterback you’re fooling yourself. He is what he is — immobile, and quite average.

  18. I think Rosen needs a situation where an established QB is in the twilight of his career. He can learn necessary tools of the pro game, without having to be look at as the savior at QB position. Rosen has been thrust into situations he’s not ready to handles at the pro level.

  19. @alongthegulf haven’t you just described the situation he is already in? Apparently Fitzpatrick is the perfect pro to mentor Tua, but not Rosen? Sure Rosen has had a tough start to his career but I just don’t see him making it as a starter. Maybe he needs a QB whisper? trade to jets? Lol

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