Report: Zach Ertz contract talks come to a halt

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Word late last month was that the Eagles and tight end Zach Ertz had resumed talking about a contract extension, but it doesn’t sound like those talks were particularly fruitful.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the talks have come to a halt. Per the report, the Eagles’ latest offer included less guaranteed money than a November offer included and that it included less cash annually than the deal Austin Hooper signed with the Browns as a free agent in March.

Hooper’s four-year, $42 million deal set a high-water mark for multi-year deals at the position. It has since been surpassed by the deals the 49ers struck with George Kittle and the one Travis Kelce signed with the Chiefs.

Ertz has a base salary of $6.6 million this year and is set to make $8.25 million in 2021, so there’s still a good deal of time for the two sides to pick up where they left off.

23 responses to “Report: Zach Ertz contract talks come to a halt

  1. Eagles are going to lose a half-dozen core, high-end players next year. Low-balling guys like Ertz will only lead to more losses.

  2. Bloated market deals by desperate teams spike the market and teams in cap hell squeeze themselves.

    Why did Philly wait? Answer: Cap hell

  3. As much as we all love Ertz, we have Dallas G. for cheap and the Eagles are woefully over the cap for next year. Won’t make Carson happy as he and Ertz are best friends, but I fear I see the writing on the all here. He will most likely be an unpopular cap casualty.

  4. Really going to low ball your best player? How much you paying 33 year old djax? Cut his old slow drama butt and give it to Ertz! Or have wheel chair Wentz take a pay cut cuz he isn’t much without Ertz. Wow philly treating your best player this way bad form.

  5. I’m a Vikings fan and I think you need to pay this dude. They keep handing out money to dudes that are old and can’t stay on the field, yet this is the guy you want to get cheap over? This guy is a top 5 TE, pay him.

  6. I dont understand why low-ball your biggest offensive weapon? Looks like the Birds want to trade him and if they get off to a bad start..they will. They draft a QB in round 2. Then They disrespect Carson”s best friend. IMO the one that should go is Howie.

  7. To all of you armchair GMs…They need to replace the starting left tackle. Hello it’s called having priorities.

  8. They can’t afford a new contract for Ertz and keep Goedert. As great an Eagles player Ertz has been, trade him so you can keep Goedert who is both younger and cheaper.

    They are going to lose players next year no matter what they do, it would be a mistake to keep Ertz.

  9. How do you pitch less guaranteed money than the first offer? They had to know that Ertz would instantly reject that. Seems like a weird way to negotiate if the goal is actually sign the guy.

  10. Eagles have a cap problem because Howie can’t draft. He is a cap guru but poor talent evaluator. Therefore team building requires supplementing the team with high priced free agents. This ultimately leads to cap hell and losing great core players. I love Ertz but given our cap situation and team needs I would go Patriots playbook and trade him for picks or a quality player at a position of need like LT. We have Goddert so 2 x TE is a luxury. We also seem to have a stable of young WRs prospects. It may be time.

  11. One thing I’ve observed while watching the NFL and salary negotiations through the years. If the player is a good player who is able to sustain or improve his level of play the price to sign them generally doesn’t go down the next year.

  12. Caliz, our 2nd tight end is better than Ertz. Your cowboys are in cap he’ll too, you just don’t know it yet, just ask Daq, he’ll affirm this.

  13. What is the rush to extend him? He is a top player right now, but he is 29 and will be 31 by the time his contract is up. At that point you will know what he has left in the tank and if you want to re-sign Goedert, Ertz, or Goedert and Ertz

  14. Goedert is just as good as better after the catch. There’s no reason to give Ertz a high priced extension.

  15. kevines255 says:
    September 3, 2020 at 3:46 pm
    I’m a Vikings fan and I think you need to pay this dude. They keep handing out money to dudes that are old and can’t stay on the field, yet this is the guy you want to get cheap over? This guy is a top 5 TE, pay him.


    Eagles tried to make him the highest paid TE last year. Ertz turned it down. He wants elite WR money (16M+ per year), and he will be traded next year because of this.

    Ertz says “I love Philly and want to play my whole career here.” but already turned down top dollar at the time that would make that happen. He knows the birds can’t pay that but wants to save face while waiting for Kittle et al to make their paydays so he can leverage his contract. He’s not dumb, but he is disingenuous. And Goedert will replace him without a missing a beat.

  16. His contract is gonna land in the Kittle/Kelce ballpark. It doesn’t sound like they can afford that though and you gotta protect your QB.

  17. He appears to be on downside of production in this offense. Taken a lot of hits. Why extend higher than needed?

  18. Maybe my view is wrong, I don’t follow the Eagles closely. From my perspective the Eagles are weak at WR, and what helps a tackle more than a TE that can chip? Vikings are in a similar situation in that their younger TE is better and they are in cap hell, but Ertz is way better than Rudolph. The Vikings also have Thielen and Cook..and Irv Smith, Justin Jefferson, and Bisi Johnson to catch passes. The impression I get is Eagles are in a rebuild mode.

  19. The next few years will be tough financially. We got our superbowl from spending big, it was worth it so will just have a ride out a bit of a reset for a couple of seasons

  20. He’s under contract for 2 more years and Dallas Goedert is a better all around TE. I like Ertz but no need to break the bank for the guy.

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