Titans sign Stephen Gostkowski

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Stephen Gostkowski is heading to Tennessee.

Gostkowski, the kicker who has spent his entire career with the Patriots, agreed to terms with the Titans this morning.

The move had been expected for some time, as the Titans had made clear they were interested in Gostkowski, who was a teammate of Titans head coach Mike Vrabel’s in New England.

The Titans waived kicker Greg Joseph, meaning Gostkowski and undrafted rookie Tucker McCann are the two kickers on the roster. Gostkowski will presumably win the job for Week One.

Thanks to his long tenure with the Patriots, Gostkowski played 28 career postseason games, putting him behind only Tom Brady (41), Adam Vinatieri (32) and Jerry Rice (29) in NFL history.

13 responses to “Titans sign Stephen Gostkowski

  1. I hope he’s healthy because he was great when he was. As a Pats fan, it hurts to watch guys like him leave but I still wish him well. Just not when he plays NE 😛

  2. He never had the magnitude of kicks like Adam, but damn we were lucky. To go from Vinatieri to Ghost is as fluid as it gets. 23 years of kicking perfection and 6 rings.

    Thanks for everything Ghost, good luck! Hopefully his hip has healed

  3. touchback6 says:
    September 3, 2020 at 11:19 am
    Wiiidde right….

    or jerked left from 30 yards



    Remember when BB put Stidham into the game last year and he took a sack followed by a pick-6? BB does. That’s why he brought in Cam to take over at QB.

  4. He did very well for the Pats, but the last 3 years or so has had a mental block sort of thing going on when the pressure was really on. Missed some important kicks.

    Change of scenery will likely be pretty good for him

  5. I dont love this. Joseph may have only kicked one FG but it was in a tight playoff game in KC & he drilled it. He didn’t miss a single XP for us either.

    SG used to be great, but that shanked XP in Denver really effed him up. He was still pretty good after that I guess, but no longer great. And he was fading even before the injury. But I guess they saw enough to make this move.

  6. Sorta tilted to have the young kickers in camp kicking lets say 75 -100 balls a day for 4 weeks and then bring in a fresh legged veteran.

  7. He was really great, then just miss miss miss miss miss. It had to happen. Hope he gets over it though. Good guy.

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