Bears coach on QB competition: “It’s not clear-cut”

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Throughout training camp, the Bears have conducted a quarterback competition. Without an offseason of OTAs, or preseason games against other teams, the normal guideposts for a such a competition are absent.

So it stands to reason that Bears coach Matt Nagy is struggling with the Mitchell TrubiskyNick Foles conundrum.

“It is not easy,” Nagy said, via JJ Stankevitz of “It’s not clear-cut.”

Players are off today and tomorrow while the team cuts to 53, but the biggest decision they’ll make is who will lead them onto the field next Sunday against the Lions. Either way, Nagy said he was pleased with the way the process unfolded, and cited specific improvements both quarterbacks made during camp.

“Sometimes people say, ‘Well if you have two quarterbacks that means you don’t have any,’” Nagy said. “We know what we have in these guys. We feel really good about both of them.

“Being as brutally honest as I could be, it’s difficult.”

Nagy can only hope that whichever quarterback he picks can make it difficult for other teams as well, and not just his own.

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  1. If Nick Foles is not the stand-out option that guarantees your team ~400 yards of offense a game and minimum 20 points, how bad must he be playing, or how blind is Nagy?

  2. Hopefully that is just talk to keep the edge on the first few defensive coordinators they will face. Reason I say that is because if he cannot truly tell by now who his starter is, then he is in way over his head as a coach.

  3. When you don’t have a ‘clear cut’ starter at QB just days before the season starts…This is probably going to suck. Again.

  4. Well the problem is, that in the minds of some of your players, it probably is clear cut… And the coaches inability to make a decision is going to lead to locker room problems.

  5. Nagy wants Trubisky (to save face), but knows it will be Foles. It’s a simple as that.

  6. It actually is. You don’t bring in a $20 mill/yr guy to be a backup especially when reports throughout camp is that Foles has been the better QB.

    You can either stand by your failed QB of 3 years and get fired or go with the Superbowl MVP who was brought in at your recommendation and have a chance at being a head coach next year.

  7. Gotta go Foles. His ceiling is evident in being a Super Bowl MVP, yet strangely his floor is about the same as Trubisky. Weird situation to be in. I think the kicker is that Trubisky hasn’t really shown any hint of a ceiling whatsoever.

  8. cookerduff123 says:
    September 4, 2020 at 8:40 am
    Gotta go Foles. His ceiling is evident in being a Super Bowl MVP, yet strangely his floor is about the same as Trubisky.

    Foles is best off the bench and he has been awful when named the starter week 1. He has lost every job he has held, went on IR twice after being name the starter week 1. In 2014 he went on IR after 8 games, got traded for Bradford. In 2015 he was benched after 11 games for Keenum and demoted to 3rd string, released in offseason and nearly retired. Last year in a system built for him by his Eagles QB coach he went on IR for 11 weeks, was benched for Minshew, who looked way better than he did. Foles and Trubisky’s numbers are nearly the same over their last 16 starts.

  9. I thought the fans were all clamoring for Trubiniski to go, and all Foles had to do was outplay him slightly to get the fans and media off the organizations back. This tells me that as low as that bar is, Foles didn’t get it done.

  10. Reports have not been so high on Foles in camp so stop lying. And also stop lying about foles contract that was re-done, so him being highly paid is also a lie. Mitch is making more money per year than foles now. If Foles didn’t come out well above and beyond Mitch then it’s Mitch’s job.

  11. At least half the hope when bringing in Foles was that it would spur Trubisky to improve. That part apparently has not happened. I’d start Foles and see if Trubisky can get motivated enough to come and take it from him at some point this season.

  12. When every QB they plug in looks bad what does that say about Nagy’s offense? He’s in deep trouble: Can’t really go back to Trubisky but if Foles looks bad all eyes will be on Matt Nagy.

  13. Foles ripped up his Jacksonville contract and rolled all his guaranteed money into his new 3 year contract with Chicago. Last year he signed a 4 year $88MM contract with a $25MM signing bonus and $50.125MM guaranteed. He earned a salary of $5MM last year and a $500K roster bonus, so he cashed in a cool $30.5MM for 1 injury plaqued year with the Jags.

    He then traded his remaining $57.5MM contract with $19.625MM guaranteed into a $24MM/3 year contract with a $4MM signing bonus, $8MM in deffered signing bonus and $21MM guaranteed. So he increased his guaranteed money by almost $2MM, while reducing the value of the contract he was most likely never going to see, while getting a cash payment of $12MM this year.

    Foles also has performance bonuses of up to $6MM based on QB Rating, Playing Time, Playoff appearance/win, Probowl Appearance and MVP/SB MVP awards. If those bonuses are achieved in a given year they apparently then role forward as an increase to his guaranteed salary for the next year.

    There have also been reports that Foles negotiated the right to opt out of his contract, either after this year or the 2021 season . . . so if he doesn’t earn the starting QB job and Trubrisky is signed at the end of this year to be the starter in the future, the Bears will have traded a 4th round pick for a back up quarterback that they paid $16MM for two years. Overall I would say the down side of that trade isn’t all that expensive as a 4th round compensatory pick plus $8MM for one of the best backups in the league as your worse case scenerio and paying as much as $52MM over three years for a stud starting QB (the absolute ceiling) are both reasonable compensation packages.

    People want to make the claim that the Bears screwed up the Nick Foles trade, but the truth is that they received a quality QB, not necessarially a top shelf QB, for a reasonable amount of trade and contract value. The only real problem is that Trubisky’s performance last year isn’t good enough and if Foles can’t beat him out and start to win at least some of those incentives, then the Bears are no better off this year. If that scenerios plays itself out then surely the Bears will let Trubisky walk next year, use a high draft pick on a QB and have Foles as a great mentor to start for a while during the rookies grooming years. The coach might not be safe if that happens but the GM certainly would be.

  14. wischeddar says:
    September 4, 2020 at 11:22 am
    They could have signed Cam Newton.


    Or drafted Patrick Mahomes.

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