Bears going with Mitchell Trubisky for Week One

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The Bears have made their decision. And the incumbent has fended off the Super Bowl LII MVP.

Per a source with direct knowledge of the decision, Mitch Trubisky will serve as the Bears’ starting quarterback entering the 2020 season.

Trubisky, in the estimation of the coaching staff, stepped up and improved the way the team wanted him to. He has matured a lot, the source explained, and he won a fair and healthy competition between Trubisky and newcomer Nick Foles.

The Bears regard Foles as a valuable asset, both as it relates to helping Trubisky continue to improve and as it relates to being ready to play, if Trubisky is injured — or if he struggles to the point where a change becomes necessary. Foles knows the offense well, which will make it easier for him to get ready to play, if/when that becomes necessary.

For now, though, Trubisky is the guy. Soon, we’ll all find out whether and to what he has improved. With no joint practices, no preseason games, and training-camp reps split down the middle, Trubisky won’t be as prepared as he would have been in a normal year.

The Bears have made the decision now so that Trubisky and Foles can avoid a weekend of added uncertainty as Week One looms. Instead, both can focus on their roles for the opener against the Lions.

45 responses to “Bears going with Mitchell Trubisky for Week One

  1. The right decision, when Trubisky stinks it up again and gets benched Foles can come in and take the team to the SuperBowl!!!

  2. This was a no brainer all along.

    If Bears do not name Mitch the starter week one then his career is over with the Bears. Yeah he might have played/started a few games this year but a player doesn’t come back from being a top five pick to benched for Nick Foles.

    As a coach/GM you can save your job by starting the former top five pick and then if he sucks put in the expensive FA & if Foles is decent say “Yeah, we knew what we had to do all along but wanted to give Mitch every opportunity”.

  3. If it was that close, all that says is Foles isn’t what you’d hoped he’d be. This is the part where Bears fans get excited, and then a few weeks from now they remember why Foles was brought into the fold in the first place, and the QB search continues next offseason.

  4. Give the kid a chance with an OL and some
    actual weapons beyond a small person named Tarik Cohen.

    They spent all their money on D, while tossing picks left and right.

  5. Bad move by the Bears. Trubisky is not very good. It looks like someone with the Bears is desperately trying to prove that he didn’t make a huge mistake by drafting Trubisky.

    Foles is much, much better.

  6. We could have had Newton this off season. Packers have basically had two QB’s the last 30 years, Bears have had at least 30. The only time we’re good is when the defense scores 50 points a game and generates 400 hundred turnovers per season.

  7. We’ll see how the Bears announce this. I doubt that they will refer to him as their franchise QB.

    My guess is that Trubisky will be on a short leash. As soon as he screws up, Foles will be in.

  8. ghjjf says:
    September 4, 2020 at 7:53 pm
    The right decision, when Trubisky stinks it up again and gets benched Foles can come in and take the team to the SuperBowl!!!
    Foles has been mediocre at best outside of Philly. Look it up. There is no surprise that Trubisky beat him out. Says enough.

  9. Has there ever really been a concern with his maturity? Isn’t the concern really accuracy (particularly to the left) and his ability to read and then quickly process coverages? No amount of maturity or excuses about the O-line or weapons can overcome those innate qualities (or lack thereof). And thus is coming from an opposing fan that likes the guy.

  10. This is nothing short of a head scratchier. You go out and bring in Foles and then go back to your failed starter. All I can say is the Bears offensive line must really suck so they are sending him out there to get his brains beat in instead of Foles.

  11. Smart move. Foles was at his career best in 2013 and 2017 coming off the bench mid-late season. Great relief pitcher.

  12. You can overlay the play-making videos of Trubisky and Cousins and you’ll be hard-pressed to know who is who.

  13. The real competition is who will be out the door first, Trubisky or the guy who picked him ,Ryan Pace?

  14. Good news for the rest of the NFC North? Shall we ignore his sizeable winning percentage in the division as a starter to help you feel better about that statement?

  15. The coronavirus lockdown probably hurt Foles a lot. But if he couldn’t beat out Mitch, then Mitch deserves the first shot. From what reporters have been saying at the (limited) camp, it was very close to even. Not sure if it means Trubisky improved, Foles isn’t as good as we hoped, or the coronavirus stuff hurt Foles. Maybe a combination of all three, I think.

  16. I’d like to say this is good news for the rest of the NFC, especially Detroit, but the QB situation for the Bears is really just heads they lose, tails the lose.

  17. Im a Packer fan but I thought Trubisky got a raw deal last year. I honestly hope he succeeds.

    The Bears are no threat anyway.

  18. Foles is a career backup, always has been always will be. See what you have in Trubisky or back to drafting another QB.

  19. Over the past 5 years Foles had that one HOT postseason, and that has been it. He has been average at best otherwise.

  20. Trubisky has some talent. As a Bears fan, I’m going to keep an open mind and see what he does this season.

  21. I don’t hate this decision. I thought Trubisky improved as the season went on.

    Foles has had his moments of brilliance, but he’s a high tier backup.

  22. Coulda had Cam or Jameis for less money and zero draft capital – both of whom would have destroyed Mitch in a QB competition. Please let this be the final Ryan Pace season.

  23. The first time the offense has not scored a TD at the half, which happened many times last year. Mitch should be gone…. Play the QB with the hot hand.

  24. bdshaffer20 says:
    September 4, 2020 at 7:53 pm



    Mitch and Nagy have won the last four meetings against the Lions. I can’t wait to watch Mack and Quinn destroy Stafford. Trubisky owns your bottom five defense.


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