Big 12 announces cancellation thresholds for football

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Everyone has wondered exactly how many positive COVID-19 tests it will take to cancel a football game.

The Big 12 answered that question for its conference today.

The conference announced its football game cancellation thresholds, with 53 available players required to play a game. That includes walk-on players, college football writer Brett McMurphy reports.

“Additional minimum thresholds of available players were also established for offensive linemen (7), interior defensive linemen (4) and quarterback (1). Teams falling below any of these benchmarks, based on game week test results, could still elect to play as scheduled if so desired. Otherwise, upon approval by the commissioner, the game would be declared a no-contest if it cannot be moved to a later date.”

TCU announced earlier Friday it has postponed its only non-conference game scheduled for Friday, Sept. 11 against SMU after a spike in COVID-19 numbers.

The Big 12 is scheduled to play nine conference games and one non-conference game, with the conference schedule set to begin the weekend of Sept. 26. Each team has two bye dates and the conference has the option to push back the Big 12 Championship game by one week to Dec. 19.