Bill Belichick on releasing Mohamed Sanu: “Things just didn’t work out”

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The Patriots gave up a second-round pick during the 2019 season to get receiver Mohamed Sanu from the Falcons. Earlier this week, the Patriots cut Sanu.

“Just one of those things that didn’t work out,” coach Bill Belichick told reporters on Friday. “I have a lot of respect for Mo, but ultimately things just didn’t work out. I think he tried very hard, I think we tried hard. I don’t think it was anybody’s fault or anything like that. It was just one of those situations that just didn’t work out as well as everyone hoped it would have when the transaction was made. As always, we will try to make the decisions that are best for the football team, whether that’s bringing a person in or releasing a player. Obviously it can go both ways. At this point in time, we felt like that’s best for the team. Last year we felt differently. We’re in a little different situation this year.”

Belichick, unlikely plenty of other coaches and personnel executives, won’t compound a mistake by refusing to acknowledge it. Of course, that’s easy to do when the coach and the team have a track record unlike any other.

Still, when it comes to receivers, Belichick continues to have a hard time consistently finding and developing great ones. In 21 years with the Patriots, the number of high-end wideouts the team has had can be counted on one hand.

When the number of Super Bowl rings can’t be, however, that’s OK.

4 responses to “Bill Belichick on releasing Mohamed Sanu: “Things just didn’t work out”

  1. He didn’t play well enough to justify his salary.
    I wonder if they asked him to take a pay cut and he said no.
    Or maybe they have a younger guy who is cheap and has more upside.

  2. intrafinesse says:
    September 4, 2020 at 3:42 pm
    He didn’t play well enough to justify his salary.


    Didn’t play well enough to justify the 2nd round pick, either.

    Total desperation move. It was apparent by then that the AB and Josh Gordon experiments were bad decisions and they had to make up for it. Even decent WRs in their prime barely pull 2nd round picks in exchange, let alone mid/late career ones that’ve only had 800 yds in a season once and never more than 5 TDs.

  3. Or can we say that you don’t need a great WR to win in this league. Just average is good enough. Scheme beats talent I will think.

  4. If Bill the GM was even half as good as Bill the coach, the 2001-2019 Pats would have been the greatest dynasty in the history of pro sports. In reality, Jerry Jones has hit on more gambles than Belichick has.

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