Did the Raiders waste $7.5 million on Marcus Mariota?

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At one point during training camp, Raiders coach Jon Gruden called backup quarterback Marcus Mariota a “dazzling playmaker.” His immediate future suddenly quite isn’t so bright.

Vic Tafur of TheAthletic.com explains that Mariota hasn’t become the potential alternative to Derek Carr that the one-year, $7.5 million investment would suggest. As Tafur explains it, the competition (if there ever was one) quickly became “no contest.”

Coincidentally, or not, Carr has praised the player who clearly won’t be a threat to take Carr’s starting spot.

“He’s doing a fantastic job,” Carr said recently, via Tafur. “Marcus is a great guy, he’s a smart football player. He’s done a great job, but any chance I get during a meeting, if he asks a question and maybe it’s not the answer he’s looking for, I’ll text him and try to help him.”

Of course, it’s possible that the Raiders signed Mariota and gave him $7.5 million in the hopes that either he’d step up or his presence would prompt Carr to do so. Thus, even though Mariota hasn’t worked out, the Raiders may not regret the move, if it helped contribute to Carr finally rising to a challenge, thickening his skin, and becoming the guy coach John Gruden has wanted him to be for two seasons and counting.

Regardless, Mariota won’t be doing to Carr what Ryan Tannehill did to Mariota a year ago.

19 responses to “Did the Raiders waste $7.5 million on Marcus Mariota?

  1. Gruden is obsessed with quarterbacks. We should have steered clear of this guy, Tannehill came in and looked like a all-pro in comparison. Tennessee had weapons, and a great run game. We should only play this guy if we are 2-6 or something and Carr stinks it up.

  2. Can he play QB? NO!

    Then yes, stupid Mayock doesn’t use the Mack picks for a QB!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

  3. More proof the Raiders (Mayock the TV guy) got fleeced by the Bears when they had four (4) 1st rd picks across two drafts and still no QB!

  4. Raiders still got some good players from the Mack deal, for those of you criticizing it.

  5. The last time Carr had 2 legit WRs (Cooper/Crabtree) He was in the talk for MVP. He’s a lot like Dak Prescott. Load up the team with talent and he’ll keep the bus between the lines.

  6. Hasn’t worked out? He was paid backup-level money to be a backup. If he had won the job, he would have ended up a massive bargain…failing to be a massive bargain isn’t a “failure to work out”. There’s also a pretty good chance that Carr is an underrated QB; remember, he’s been suffering the Raiders his entire career. Like with Stafford in Detroit, there is a raised degree of difficulty for Carr, usually.

  7. Chiefs fans approve hole heartedly with these moves by the raiders. Keep on keeping on…. ha ha ha ha ha…

  8. 7.5 million to hire another guy, just to motivate you’re actual guy…

  9. Unfortunately for Carr and Mariota, they play in a division with Mahomes. It’s like having ultra successful siblings in your family. You may be doing well but you will always be compared to your much more successful siblings.

  10. Derek Carr could’ve won MVP back in 2016 if he hadn’t gotten hurt. Mariota has had one season where he was above-avg.

    Carr is much more built for the NFL, he’s the better QB. I never understood people saying Mariota would do what Tannehill did. Mariota’s big issue is he doesn’t push the ball downfield and is a checkdown guy. That’s been Carr’s issue since the injury, so why on earth would Mariota supplant him.

  11. I’m not sure if they wasted any money because I haven’t seen him take the field on Sunday. If starting QB’s were determined based on what they could do in practice, as opposed to games, Derek Carr would have beaten out both Tom Brady and Joe Montana. Carr throws as pretty a pass as I’ve ever seen in practice. Game day is a different story. There’s no pressure in practice.

  12. Well their previous history with fa qb’s, this shouldn’t be a surprise at all, remember Jeff George? No matter where this carnival sets up shop, the results are the same.

  13. Results are the same?
    They left Oakland before and won two titles with a QB that wasn’t doing anything in NE!

    You don’t know anything

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