It’s our annual Rotoworld Fantasy Football Draft Guide push

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The NBC/PFT relationship got started in part because of the ability of PFT to move one specific piece of merchandise: The Rotoworld Fantasy Football Draft Guide.

So as the regular season approaches, Rotoworld has everything you need.

And here’s the annual pitch, which is proven over and over again: You should buy it because other folks in your league already have.

Subscriptions, starting as low as $3.99 per month, provide access to all four major sports. There’s also a new (and free) mock draft simulator, that will let you practice putting together the best team possible before doing so for real.

This initial piece of advice is free. If you have the first pick, take Christian McCaffrey.

So check it out for the rest of the guidance, make your purchase, prepare for your draft, and rely on Rotoworld for any and all decisions and adjustments you’ll be making, either until you win your league or you rage quit.