Mike Vrabel: Titans “have an offer out” for Jadeveon Clowney

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Last year, franchise-tagged defensive end Jadeveon Clowney skipped all offseason workouts, training camp, and the preseason before striking a deal that facilitated a Labor Day weekend trade from the Texans to the Seahawks. Clowney could be striking a Labor Day weekend deal for the second straight year.

We have an offer out,” Titans coach Mike Vrabel told reporters on Friday. “We’ve been in contact with Jadeveon . . . and his agent. That’s all I can report. And that’s all I really know.”

The Seahawks remain interested in a reunion with Clowney, and the Saints reportedly are making a big push to sign him.

The question remains this: At what price? Clowney has held firm in his effort to get more than $15 million on a one-year deal. With regular-season games approaching (and potential regular-season game checks permanently disappearing), Clowney may need to simply take the best offer he can find — unless he’s willing to sit out.

From a team’s perspective, the risk is that Clowney will have injury issues, because he’s had them in the past. He’s more than five years removed from microfracture surgery, a knee procedure aimed at generating scar tissue that will simulate cartilage. Without cartilage, the knee enters a bone-on-bone situation. Last year, a core muscle/groin/sports hernia thing marred Clowney for much of the season.

But if he’s healthy, Clowney can be a very disruptive force, blowing holes in offensive lines and offensive game plans and allowing the rest of his teammates to make plays. He was a force of nature last year on a Monday night against the 49ers. If he can play like that consistently, he can be the difference between an early playoff exit and a Super Bowl appearance.

A fair compromise could be a sizable salary (maybe $10 million) with the ability to land between $15 million and $20 million based on playing time or statistics. Regardless, interest in Clowney currently is percolating. He could be landing with a new team soon.

17 responses to “Mike Vrabel: Titans “have an offer out” for Jadeveon Clowney

  1. He has not been good and now he has missed All of camp… rriiiggghhht..,bust year a coming! Mr. I want 22 mil per Welcome to Reality where You do not get to demand your asking price. Bro get 15 -18 sacks per then demand coin wow you sir sound like my quarterback! Sheesh .

  2. People keep referring to him being a beast in that Monday night game without giving the context on why it happened. Both of the 49ers OT’s that night were playing their first games in over a month due to injury. They were extremely rusty and Clowney took advantage. He was a non factor in the second game between the two games at the end of the season and really wasn’t much of a factor for most of the season. He’s a bigger name than quality player at this point.

  3. Jadeveon Clowney’s next team will be his third since September of last year.
    He’s now missed offseason workouts, training camp and the preseason two straight years.
    He’s coming off a core muscle injury that required surgery, and appears to value his services more highly than any potential NFL employer to date.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  4. He seemed happy in Seattle last year. I don’t think the hawks have enough cap space though to go after him unless they release KJ Wright and let their first round pick Jordan Brooks start at KJs spot. I’d rather have KJ over Clowney.

  5. <>

    Clowney was injured in the first SF game. He wasn’t particularly effective in any of the remaining games, some of which he missed due to the injury.

  6. The offers aren’t going to get any bigger in next years reduced cap.

    He is definitely a player Belichick could utilize. I am hoping Clowney only signs a 1 year deal. The Patriots will be a player in the free agent market in 2021. Cutting Sanu freed up yet another $6.5 mil.
    They are well positioned with a now flush $40 mil in cap space this year, and if carried forward, a staggering $115 million for 2021, prior to the cap reduction. And there will be some deals available.

  7. Signing this guy for big money is like checking your gas tank with a match. You either find out what you have or it blows up in your face.

  8. cowboyzcali says:
    September 4, 2020 at 12:44 pm
    He has not been good and now he has missed All of camp… rriiiggghhht..,bust year a coming! Mr. I want 22 mil per Welcome to Reality where You do not get to demand your asking price. Bro get 15 -18 sacks per then demand coin wow you sir sound like my quarterback! Sheesh .

    JC definitely has had some delusion going on with his reported salary demands, but at some point you have to realize there is far more to pass rushing than sacks. Anyone who actually watched the Hawks games last year saw that Clowney was an absolute gamebreaker on D and did what he did with virtually no pass rush help to take pressure off of him.

    The people that continually point to his pass rush numbers have an extremely narrow view of what makes a good all around pass rusher.

  9. …if he’s healthy

    That’s always been the rub with this guy…plus a lack of effort in long stretches of games. My guess is the Titans’ offer contains very little guaranteed money and plenty of incentives and roster bonuses so they can jettison him at any time. That would serve as motivation for him to play hard. My question is why would you be interested in someone that is only motivated by that?

  10. Tunsill and the Texans want nothing to do with Clowney in their division – they already paid once to go to the NFC. They’d probably do it again if they could figure a way to do it legally.
    Those who think he’s a bust have no appreciation for D line play. Expecting him to destroy the blocking and get a sack is like expecting an All-Pro O tackle to blow open a hole and carry the ball through it. It ain’t his job.

  11. Clowney is usually not that disruptive, though he is excellent against the run.
    I can see paying him $10 million. Had he signed earlier he might have been in the 10-12 range. Now he is getting anxious, with no suitors willing to pay up for him.

  12. So he needs to score big with his next 2 contracts? who knows how long his knee is going to last.

  13. Dude needs to take it…GOOD team on the rise..Pats aint the same so wide open.
    Derrick Henry has 1 more TOP NFL year and a few GOOD ones..Lots of TV Time..

    Say what you want about Clowney..but EVERY time I watch him dude is SO explosively fast and disruptive…it stands out against OTHER fast explosive players.

    I think its a great fit.

  14. I thought that the Seahawks originally offered hi $18 Mil per year…..and he turned it down. I’ll bet he regrets doing that.

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