Reports: Dolphins cutting Josh Rosen

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The Dolphins are moving on from Josh Rosen after one season, according to multiple reports.

The team tried to trade him, but when they couldn’t find a taker, they decided to waive Rosen. They still have a few hours to find a trade partner before Rosen officially hits the waiver wire.

Miami traded second- and fifth-round choices for the quarterback after the 2019 draft, but Rosen became expendable after the Dolphins used a first-round choice on Tua Tagovailoa. Ryan Fitzpatrick is expected to start the season.

Rosen made three starts for the Dolphins last season, going 0-3, before being benched. He threw for 567 yards with five interceptions and a touchdown.

The Cardinals drafted him with the 10th overall choice in 2018, but he went only 3-10. Arizona traded him to the Dolphins after using the No. 1 overall pick on Kyler Murray in 2019.

Rosen has not gotten much of a chance in either place but maybe a third team will give him more of a chance.

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  1. I really do not like or agree with this move. What happens when someone gets injured? Or gets put on COVID list.
    Need 3 QBs IMO

  2. This makes little sense he’s cheap Arizona paid most of his money and he would make a good 3rd QB in the time of covid19. Dolphins must want to give the kid a chance to play somewhere else….

  3. Dude has been on awful football teams and I won’t judge him based off that. Somebody should give him a shot. New Orleans and Indy make the most sense as a backup to learn from a veteran.

  4. “9 mistakes were taken ahead of me.” – Josh Rosen
    “Cardinals moving on from Rosen is a laughable mistake.” – NFL media
    2 years later…..
    “”Kyler Murray is a super star!” – NFL media

  5. I’m not sure I agree with this move, but I’m not there in practice. I hope now that Josh has been served some serious helpings of humble pie he will make the most of whatever chance he gets in the future. I can see the Giants or the Jags picking him up.

  6. Rosen has played for the Cardinals and the Dolphins. So far, he hasn’t been with a competent NFL franchise. The kid can play QB. We’ve seen guys bounce around, like Kurt Warner, Brett Favre, Steve Young, and Jim Plunkett. Just because they bounce, doesn’t mean they can’t play. The common things with all these guys are that they originally got with horrible organizations. I can’t really hold those HOFers accountable for the incompetence, any more than I can Josh Rosen. Just saying. There’s a reason why one team out of 32 gets to the super bowl almost every year.

  7. He’s obviously not the guy that’s gonna turn around a rebuilding team, but put him on a good team coached by Matt Nagy or Bruce Arians and let’s see how he does.

  8. I feel the Bucs would be his best team. There he’ll have a coach who knew him and to make matters better, he can learn from Brady. Rosen needs time to learn as he’s clearly not ready and wasn’t ready to be a pro quarterback. A team and a mentor like Brady can help fix his career

  9. Never stood a chance. 1st two years of his career he played for the two worse rosters in the NFL. Two teams depleted of talent. Arizona had a coach who was hired and fired after one season then he goes to Miami during a season where the whole world knew the front office was tanking. Kid has some talent, who knows what kind of mental state he’s in tho after those two seasons. Would be a good idea to try to get on a team with an older established QB he can sit behind and learn with no worries. Colts, Patriots, Bucs etc…

  10. welcome to Tampa Bay… if Brady goes down He could definitely fill the void …similar players

  11. Josh Rosen is basically a more expensive Cody Kessler. Having a number three QB who plays like a number three but getting paid like a low end starter will put you on the unemployment line real quick, He’ll get picked up somewhere but not on that Fully guaranteed first rounder contract. Thats why they couldn’t find a trade partner. That’s two teams that didn’t even see him as a backup but had to pay him 7 figures just for being on the team (the kid has made $14 million dollars so far to ride the bench or play below average). I’d feel bad if I didn’t remember this was the kid that made pre draft demands on who could or could not draft him then had a tantrum when everyone else but Lamar Jackson got picked over him.

    Karma is having her way with him.

  12. This guy has gotten a raw deal to start his career. The literal definition of getting dealt bad cards. Hopefully he will get to choose to sign with a coaching staff that is Willing to work with him and coach him up to reach his potential.

  13. I could see the Steelers signing him. He’s better than any of their backups and Big Ben doesn’t have that many seasons left in his career.

  14. He’s bad folks. Doesn’t matter if Arizona paid his bonus, he’s simply not worth the roster spot at any price.

    Watch his games. Good luck to him in the future, football or not.

  15. A roster spot is far too valuable for a QB who can’tshoe steady improvement, elevat his own play, or elevate his tea.. in this cae, Miami’s junk is no one’s treasure or a reclamation project worth undertaking this season.

  16. Didn’t he say when he got drafted that he was the best quarterback in the draft and he was going to make the other teams that overlooked him pay for it?

    Hopefully he’s been humbled and will learn from the experience.

  17. I would sign him in new orleans. Would be be a cheap look see just in case Hill dont make it as Drew’s successor. The kid is still young can throw the rock and stay in the pocket. Think he would flourish in a offensive minded coach system

  18. This guy has to be better than Mason Rudolph, Duck Hodges and Pax Lynch.
    If Pittsburgh doesn’t sign him, I would be shocked…

  19. As a dolphins fan I’m continually shaking my head so much as my neck doesn’t stand a better chance than Josh does on his third team. Terrible roster management by Grier yet again smh.

  20. Carolina, New England and the Redskins should all consider him.
    Firstly someone above mentioned Pittsburgh and that’s another team that makes sense and Rosen can learn from Ben….as for these three names, Carolina signed Bridgewater to a huge deal so I don’t see that happening. Washington (as much as I love Rosen) makes very little sense for him with Haskins, Smith and Allen. Personally Rosen is much better than Allen, but Haskins is another story. And finally while I like the idea of him as a Patriot learning from Cam, I see Bill giving that opportunity to Stidham

  21. It just shows what a crapshoot the draft is …I thought he would be better than Josh Allen…Although the situation matters in a quarterback development..but Gardener Minshew doesn’t exactly have a quarterback whisperer in Jacksonville and he’s shown a lot more

  22. In an ideal world Rosen clears waivers and doesn’t have to kiss his career goodbye with a third trash team. Pittsburgh is easily one of the most stable organizations in the NFL. Playing behind an aging Roethlisberger for a SB winning coach might do him wonders. He has 3 NFL wins…so he’s at the very least no worse than Mason, Paxton and Duck

  23. Ryan Griffin hasn’t shown much, so he can find a spot in Tampa Bay. If he jells under Brady, great. If not, then there is the draft.

  24. The way he pouted and sulked on draft night and then made that silly statement about how the teams that passed on him would all be sorry tells you all you need to know about his attitude. Another prima donna, but without the CREDS to support being a prima donna. All talk, no action. Good QBs rarely get let go as often as Rosen. If he was really any good every team would have kept him! He’s not, and they don’t. How’s that crow taste, Josh? Go well with that humble pie? Seems those seven teams who passed on you made the right decision….

  25. If he can recover from getting his confidence DESTROYED by 2 terrible teams that changed coaches & coordinators multiple times that never really allowed him to get comfortable & secure in any way shape or form, & he can find a stable environment to regroup in , he just may surprise a lot of people…… Patriots would be a good place to start but I’m not sure Bill would take him over Hoyer at this stage UNLESS he puts Stidham on IR due to his hip injury to make a spot for him

  26. Hey Josh, Rick Spielmen here. We want you to come in and be our backup fro two years, and if we decide to move on from Kirk then, you’ll get an opportunity to be the starter.

  27. I wonder how long Chris Grier will be able to make silly roster moves like this before people realize this whole tank job was a big guessing game. Fins have spent a first round pick this year and a second round pick last year on the QB position but yet Fitz is still the hands down starter and still there is no solid roster behind Fitz who led the team in passing and in rushing last year.

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