Washington didn’t ask Adrian Peterson to take a pay cut

Getty Images

So what happened with running back Adrian Peterson in Washington? Here’s what we know, as of now.

Per a league source, the team regarded Peterson as “the guy” throughout camp, particularly after Derrius Guice abruptly was dumped. Earlier this week, however, things changed. When he was told to take Thursday’s practice off as a “veteran day,” it became obvious that a release was coming.

Along the way, the team didn’t try to get Peterson to take less money. Instead, they simply cut him loose.

The move means, obviously, that the team feels good about the prospects for rookie third-rounder Antonio Gibson and Bryce Love, a guy on whom the team took a flier last year due to a knee injury at Stanford. The team also feels good about quarterback Dwayne Haskins, who’ll start the season as the starting quarterback. He’ll need help from the running game if he wants to hold that job.