Washington will release Adrian Peterson

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The Washington Football Team is moving forward without running back Adrian Peterson.

NFL Media reports that Peterson will be released as the team moves to 53 players ahead of Saturday’s deadline.

Peterson appeared to be the likely starter in Washington after Derrius Guice was released this summer, but the team has opted to move in a different direction. Third-round pick Antonio Gibson, Bryce Love, Peyton Barber and J.D. McKissic are the remaining backs in Washington.

Peterson was set to make a base salary of $2.25 million this season. Cutting him will save Washington just over $2.4 million in cap space with $750,000 in dead money.

The veteran back will become a free agent once the move is official and, per the reports, intends to continue playing with a new team.

42 responses to “Washington will release Adrian Peterson

  1. Seems like a weird move? Pretty affordable, was productive and projected starter. Maybe lost a few more steps?

  2. Wow!…he was probably their best RB..but you have to go YOUNG. Riverboat Ron is BULDING a young team.

  3. It’s a weird move given Rivera’s stated intent that AP was there as the exemplar of “professionalism”. He changed his mind which might tell you how slow AP has gotten over the last two seasons with the Washington Team. In 2017 he could still play buy 18 and 19 he never looked good to me sometimes running the a limp or a straight legged hop.

  4. WFT will enter week 1 with over $31mm in free cap space. Not sure what good that does for 2020.

    Next season they’ll have roughly $90mm in free cap space. That’s good for a new GM/HC who want to rebuild. I guess.

  5. Sad to see him go because he was a warrior. He was also the most reliable RB on the team. That said, this move signals that the WFT is not in “win now” mode but rather wants to evaluate young talent for the future. Washington fans have wanted a true rebuild for years; can’t complain now that they are making moves accordingly…

  6. My heart wants A-D to hang it up while still being viewed as a quality running. More than age he is likely a victim of the changing game. Very few teams use a downhill I-formatoin running game with a fullback any more and that’s always where Peterson has been most effective. My brain tells he wants to keep going but I don’t know who’s going to give him a chance. Is Vegas a possibility to backup Jacobs? Not sure who else they have.

  7. New England loves a battering ram on the squad. Maybe there is a spot there? BB knows how to utilize those big powerful backs.

  8. Well if the Washington team doesn’t want you at only 2 mill per then that says a lot. He is a ME guy anyways all that he cares about is to keep playing until he is 50 to TRY and catch Smith’s record. Don’t think anyone is going to sign his old but especially to be a starter, kiss those dreams goodbye AP!

  9. This is surprising. Every indication since Rivera’s arrival was that Peterson would stay and play a big role. I believe he was even signed to a new contract in that time.

    I do understand why he would be released considering his age and all. At the same time, I do not understand why he would be released in favor of Peyton Barber.

  10. Antonio Gibson has a lot of promise. It’s going to be yet another long season in DC, so why not let the youngster show his stuff?

  11. I find it stunning that a week away from the season starting its still Washington Football Team. Is Snyder so upset about having to change the name he’s just going to leave it this way?

  12. Hindsight is 20/20 but it’s pretty obvious the Lions should have drafted AP over Calvin. Imagine how good Stafford would have been with that running game.

  13. I think it’s less about AP and more about Antonio Gibson. For those of you who don’t know, he’s expected to be a special monster talent with great pass-catching chops. I’m sad for AP because I want to see him keep playing and reach that record, but I drafted correctly, and at my RB5, Gibson is now an amazing value. Watch his ADP soar.

  14. Totally surprised. Gibson and Love must look really good for us to make this move right after passing on Fournette. Or maybe AP lost a step. Feel like this is a bad move tho.

  15. mrbigass says:
    September 4, 2020 at 8:57 am
    I find it stunning that a week away from the season starting its still Washington Football Team. Is Snyder so upset about having to change the name he’s just going to leave it this way?
    It’s already been announced that this is the team’s name for the entire year. They’re not planning to change it until next year.

  16. Considering his compensation was commensurate with his production, this seems like an odd move. It’s likely he started making demands to be “the man.” Washington is cutting him loose before they end up paying him for two years for doing nothing and then complying with his demand for a raise when he returns …..like the Vikings did.

  17. The other thing we have to consider: Scott Turner wants a guy who can pass catch on 1-2 down. Maybe this cut came late because they needed confirmation that Gibson could pick up the offense. Apparently, he’s practiced with first team and thrived. Meanwhile, AP wants to start, not back up. In retrospect, this move is not that strange. Turner looking to promote guys who can run his offense. Remember they chose Gibson, a RB/WR hybrid, with the 66th pick, fairly early…

  18. Maybe this isn’t a strictly football move. Didn’t we hear about some top employees leaving the team right before the big news hit?

  19. Damn, I wanted him to get closer to the record.. hopefully he’s able to get signed during the year if somebody goes down is able to keep contributing.

  20. As long as he’s not pulling a Carmelo Anthony and demanding to start, he could be a good short yardage back for a team with young RBs. He would fit perfectly with the Chargers since Ekeler is a smaller back. Philly could use him. Same with Chicago. If Peterson wants a real shot at a title, take whatever the Chiefs offer and backup CE-H.

  21. I agree with this move – with no disrespect to AP. Washington ain’t winning squat this year and is pretty much in full rebuilding mode, so better to give the young guys some playing time.

  22. Washington is going with an unproven rookie, a chronically injured guy who has yet to play in the NFL and J.D. McKissic.

    What could go wrong?

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