Bengals and Browns allowed 6,000 fans for two home games each

Getty Images

The Bengals and Browns will be able to have fans in the stands for some games.

But not many.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine just announced that his state’s two NFL teams could host up to 6,000 fans, for four specific games.

The order covers the Sept. 17 and Oct. 25 games between the teams, along with the Sept. 27 Washington at Cleveland game, and the Oct. 4 Jaguars at Bengals game.

Fans will be limited to 1,500 on each side of the stadiums, a scarce crowd by any standards. (And yet not the smallest in the league, as the Colts will have up to 2,500 in the stands for their home opener.)

“This year will certainly be different But both the Browns and the Bengals have worked exceedingly hard and have made extensive preparations to welcome a limited number of fans to their stadiums safely,” DeWine said in his statement. These very thorough plans and safety precautions warrant a two-game trial to try and accommodate fans, at reduced capacities with social distancing and masks.”

The Bengals had previously announced they wouldn’t have fans for the opener.