Brian Flores on cutting Josh Rosen: “This was the best move for the Miami Dolphins”

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Dolphins quarterback Josh Rosen looked good in camp until he didn’t. Until tales of how good he looked couldn’t be parlayed into a trade and Rosen, the 10th overall pick in the 2018 draft, was waived.

“A lot of factors go into the decision-making, but we felt like even with that, this was the best move for the Miami Dolphins,” coach Brian Flores said Saturday, via Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post, regarding the decision to release Rosen. “We don’t take any of this lightly.”

The Dolphins gave up a 2019 second-round pick to acquire Rosen from the Cardinals, a day after the Cardinals used the first overall pick in the draft on quarterback Kyler Murray.

“You don’t hit on every player,” Flores said. “On every trade. On every draft pick. Show me a team that’s hit on every one. And I’ll applaud that team. So I’m not saying there is any regrets. In the moment we felt that was the best move for the Dolphins. So it didn’t work out. We’ve moved on from Josh. And we’ll leave it at that.”

The Dolphins surely hope that someone else will claim Rosen’s contract on waivers; otherwise, they’ll be on the hook for the difference between the balance of his rookie deal and whatever he makes over the next two years.

The move also doesn’t mean that the Dolphins will proceed with only two quarterbacks on the roster.

“Look, you can never have enough quarterbacks,” Flores said. That may be true, but Rosen — whom Flores also called “immensely talented” — ended up being one too many.

14 responses to “Brian Flores on cutting Josh Rosen: “This was the best move for the Miami Dolphins”

  1. Bill Belichick should consider Rosen for his long term QB plan. If you’re looking for someone to do what Tom Brady did, you might not find him, but Rosen is a winner and has a similar skill set.

  2. “You don’t hit on every player,” Flores said. “On every trade. On every draft pick.
    You knew you were trading a 2nd round pick for a QB that had just went 3-10 as a starter in the NFL. You knew he tossed 11 TDs and 14 INTs and fumbled 10 times. You knew the Cardinals had drafted him with a 1st round pick and here they were drafting another QB in the 1st round to replace him. You knew.

  3. He’s clearly shown to have risen to his least level of incompetence.

    If there was any prospect aspect on him they would’ve kept him to work the future draft pick out on a trade. They knew it would never materialize.

  4. What’s wrong with this picture? The Dolphins couldn’t even get a 6th or 7th rounder for him? There’s more to this than meets the eye but damned if I can figure out what it is. If nothing else they should keep him as a backup knowing this is probably the last years for Fitzmagic.

  5. I thought this guy was a going to be a bust when he was drafted simply because of his injury history. I didn’t think it would be his absolutely inability to be an NFL QB. Like another poster, there were enough warning signs out there to not give away a 2nd round pick for him. Something tells me the Cards laughed after that trade. The Dolphins will eat ~$2.8M as a cap charge and another $5M in dead money. If there’s a bright spot for Miami it’s that it frees up a roster spot. I think Rosen will have a hard time finding another NFL job. Look at Blake Bortles…he had some success in Jax but he’s unsigned. I wouldn’t expect it to be different for Rosen.

  6. Dolphins trade a second round pick to acquire Josh Rosen during draft weekend. Goes through offseason program, makes the team, Starr’s a few games and plays terrible. Goes through another offseason program with the team, he fails to make the team the following year. The media consensus: “just didn’t work out, was worth a shot”

    Patriots trade a second for Mo Sanu in October. He improves each game until he has a serious ankle injury. Tries to play through but he is ineffective. Has surgery, comes back the next season clearly hampered by the ankle. Patriots release him. The media consensus: “this is one of the worst trades in the history of the NFL. Belichick the Coach is being crushed by Belichick the GM. Not even BOB in Houston could make a deal this bad…”.

  7. How many 1st round QBs don’t last 4 years? Not that many, they at least show enough that they hang on, with the team hoping they improve.
    Rosen wasn’t taken #30 he was taken #10.
    What a huge bust he is not to have at least made it 4 years, even as a backup.

  8. Remember when former UCLA Bruins quarterback Josh Rosen said nine mistakes were made ahead of him in the 2018 NFL Draft?

  9. Remember when the fins traded for him he had a terrible demeanor, over analyzed everything, and had terrible time making friends on the team. Rumors from UCLA were that he was extremely difficult to coach cause he was a extremely intelligent guy. They HAD hoped Fitz would wear of on him. Apparently nothings changed…

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